September 19, 2009

Previewing No Surrender

New feature time! This is where I take a look at and disect the feuds/matches on the upcoming TNA PPV events. I can't promise I'll be able to do this every month, but I'm going to try. Anyway, since it's the first edition of this feature, as a special treat I am joined by the host of QCWradio and the man who recuited me for the show, Chessarmy.

Let's do this thing...

Cody Deaner vs. ODB

FK9: This match is a farce and it makes the title look like a joke. I hope they're only doing this to add a little comedy so they can keep the focus in the women's division on the inaugural tag team titles for the time being. Once the first tag champions are crowned, hopefully the singles title will stop being used as a comedy prop.

Who should win: ODB

Chessarmy: What the hell is this doing on PPV? Does TNA actually believe people are going to pay 30 bucks to see this? Ugh. The match should last all of 30 seconds, ODB and Deaner come out, ODB kicks him in the nuts and gets the 1...2...3. Then Kong comes out and ####s up ODB, Tara runs in for the save, and there you have it, a useless storyline turned into something that can actually progress Kong/Tara for BFG.

Who should win: ODB (then take the title off her on the next iMPACT! tapings...)

Beer Money & Team 3D vs. Booker T/Scott Steiner & British Invasion

FK9: Every moment that Booker/Steiner walk around with the TNA tag team titles gives me a queasy feeling in my stomach. Steiner at least works hard to the extent that his injury-laden body will allow him to, but that's not saying very much at this point, and Booker T could still work great matches if he wanted to, but he's become extremely lazy in the ring over the last year. I'd love for the faces to go over here, but since there are no titles on the line (I think), it's probably a better idea to have the heels (i.e. the British Invasion) go over to put heat on them going into Bound for Glory next month. The last thing I want to see is Booker/Steiner defending at BFG, but it's probably unavoidable at this point. Beer Money need to win the belts back, but it will mean more if it happens on TNA's biggest stage.

Who should win: British Invasion & Steiner/Booker T

Chessarmy: Interesting concept here, I'd make this the match where Booker/Steiner lose their tag belts. They've had them for long enough, it's time for someone else to reign supreme in TNA's tag division. I'd go with The British Invasion getting the win, then losing the belts to Beer Money at BFG.

Who should win: The British Invasion

Abyss vs. Kevin Nash (c)

FK9: I like Kevin Nash being the Legends champion about as much as I like Booker/Steiner as the tag team champions. If Abyss goes over here then we can have Abyss vs. Mick Foley for the Legends title at BFG and Nash will have no reason to even be at the show, much less wrestle on it. Everybody wins, except Nash, and he doesn't really count.

Who should win: Abyss

Chessarmy: Mick Foley will probably end up costing Abyss the Legends belt to get revenge for what happened on iMPACT! Bad idea, I think these two could put on a half decent match given the right amount of time. Just...please, TNA, AJ already jobbed to Grandpa Nash...don't put Abyss on that list as well. These two should wrestle a decent match, Abyss should pin Nash, win the Legends belt, then move on to defend it against Mick Foley at Bound For Glory

Who should win: Abyss

Daniels vs. Samoa Joe (c)

FK9: This is the most intriguing match for me as it's kind of a must-win situation for both guys. Joe needs to keep the title after his loss to Hernandez and his character being somewhat deemphasized as of late and Daniels needs to win because, damn it, he's Christopher Daniels and he deserves a huge push. But seeing as how neither of these guys have any other feuds going on right now, I think they should probably do some kind of DQ finish that keeps Daniels looking strong -- maybe have Joe get frustrated that he can't seem to pin Daniels, so Joe just goes off on him until the referee throws the match out, which leads to a rematch at BFG.

Who should win: DQ

Chessarmy: The X-Division is BACK and this is why, solid build up to what will be an awesome match at No Surrender. I love seeing Samoa Joe dominate the X-Division again. HOWEVER, if I was booking this PPV, I'd have Daniels win. Not because I want to ruin Joe's momentum, unfortunately it might have to suffer some slight damage. Daniels would get the victory under my control makes sense, if Daniels wins the X Title at No Surrender his next feud for BFG could be against the one...the only...D'Angelo Dinero! I want to see that, I'd pay to see that, make it happen TNA.

Who should win: Daniels

Eric Young vs. Hernandez

FK9: Eric Young hasn't exactly been made to look very strong in the ring lately. Neither have his World Elite cohorts, Bashir & Kiyoshi, for that matter. Frankly, EY needs this win to keep his faction from looking like the NWO Black & White B-team to the M.E.M.'s Wolfpack. Hernandez is in the middle of a quasi-main event push, but the Homicide situation gives Supermex the perfect excuse to lose this match without losing his heat.

Who should win: Eric Young via interference from Homicide

Chessarmy: I like how this feud has been booked so far, it's personal now that Homicide joined up with Young's World Elite group. However, the promo Eric cut on iMPACT! this past Thursday leads me to believe he won't actually wrestle at the PPV this Sunday and instead find someone else who will, until eventually Hernandez destroys them all and the only one left is Eric Young. As for what I think should happen? I say, let the guys go out there and put on a good match for 10 minutes.

Who should win: Hernandez

Sarita/Taylor Wilde vs. Velvet Sky/Madison Rayne(????)

FK9: There would be a case for the Beautiful People if Angelina hadn't been released, but even if she was still with the company the babyfaces would be the best choice to win regardless. This tag team division could live or die based on who the first champions are. The Knockout division might not have taken off the way it did if Gail Kim hadn't been such a great inaugural champion two years ago and this is the same situation. SariTaylor together can have great matches with pretty much anyone on the women's roster, which is crucial. Plus, they're both very credible singles wrestlers with Taylor being a former singles champ and Sarita still being undefeated; making them the first tag team champs establishes them as a credible team. This tag division needs more credible teams if it's going to be a success.

Who should win: Sarita/Taylor Wilde

Chessarmy: Since Angelina Love won't be at the PPV (I'm wondering how TNA will explain this), I think the victory should be given to Saritaylor, they have great chemistry and could be the main part of the Knockouts Tag Division if they win the belts this Sunday. Who they can feud with next? Thats anyone's guess, but for now, I say Taylor/Sarita over Velvet/whoever they find to take Love's place.

Who should win: Taylorita :p

Bobby Lashley vs. Rhino

FK9: Poor Rhino. TNA has been promoting Bobby Lashley more than No Surrender itself lately. They're clearly investing a lot in him and they're going to need to get their money's worth. Rhino still has his fans, but the guy hasn't been relevant in a while now.

Who should win: Bobby Lashley

Chessarmy: It'll be interesting to see how Lashley does in his first match in years, he might have to deal with ring rust. However, I still think this match will be enjoyable. Obviously, Lashley should get the victory. This is his first match with TNA, he needs to look as strong as possible.

Who should win: Lashley

Sting vs. AJ Styles vs. Matt Morgan vs. Kurt Angle (c)

FK9: I'm torn on this one. I want AJ Styles to main event BFG against Kurt Angle, but I also want AJ to be the one to retire Sting in his last match. On top of that, I do NOT want Sting to headline BFG yet again this year. But the show is in Sting's home state, it's being promoted as Sting's last match, Sting wants to pass the torch and I can't have everything I want. The best thing here is for AJ to pin Kurt Angle due to Matt Morgan costing him the match, which would set up Angle vs. Morgan at BFG and also AJ defending the championship against Sting in a title vs. career match. The only other option would be Sting winning the title and then defending it against AJ at BFG, but if that were the case then Sting would have no reason to put his career on the line. This way Sting can say that if he doesn't win the TNA world title at BFG he can retire knowing that the company is in good hands with his chosen successor, AJ Styles, at the helm.

Who should win: AJ Styles

Chessarmy: This is the match I'm looking forward to the most, this will determine the main event for BFG pretty much. If Angle wins, we're seeing Angle/Lashley, if Sting or AJ wins, we're getting AJ vs. Sting in the awesome career vs. title match we've all dreamed of, and if Matt Morgan wins...he continues his feud with Angle which culminates in the main event of Bound For Glory. If I was head booker, I'd give Sting one last World Title run, even if its just for a month. I think the "passing of the torch" angle works better when the young guy beats the legend for the belt, instead of just retaining. So Sting should get the victory, move on to BFG where he passes the torch to AJ Styles and hangs up the boots

Who should win: Sting

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