September 03, 2009

A Message For TNA

Originally posted on on 5/08/09.

A Message For TNA

by FK9

I find the manner in which Roxxi was unfairly released from your company disgusting and classless. This is the kind of shady business practice that I have come to associate with WWE. I expected better from Jeff Jarret & Dixie Carter and am truly disappointed in both of them. Roxxi has been a loyal employee, was much beloved by the fans, has made many sacrifices for TNA and did not deserve to lose her job.

--A Message For the Fans--

The current rumor going around right now is that after Roxxi’s “backstage altercation” with Rhaka Khan, Kurt Angle used his political stroke in the company to get Roxxi fired.

The KNOCKED OUT column will not be speculating on the validity of this rumor, however, the information currently available would seem to support it.

This is what we know:

1) Roxxi and Rhaka Khan got into an argument backstage at the TV tapings after Rhaka Khan stiffed Roxxi in a match, giving her a black eye which Roxxi believed was intentional and unprofessional on Khan’s part. Having rewatched the match in question several times, I am confident that Roxxi was correct in thinking that. They both received two month suspensions because of this.

2) soon afterward, word began spreading that Roxxi’s contract was set to expire and TNA would not be renewing it. Roxxi posted a message on her official website (, debunking this rumor, saying that her contract didn’t expire until October and if the company were releasing her, she hadn’t heard anything about it.

3) a few days later, Roxxi was released from the organization. She was expected back at the June TV tapings until the decision was suddenly made to release her five months before her contract was set to expire (something TNA hardly ever does).

4) numerous internet wrestling websites found out that Roxxi was going to be fired and reported the news before she herself knew about it.

5) despite being unpopular with management because of her bad attitude, poor performance and unwillingness to train in order to improve, Rhaka Khan is said to be in a secure spot because of a personal relationship she shared with Kurt Angle. According to Angle, while he and Khan are no longer dating, they remain close friends.

6) despite her suspension, Rhaka Khan was reportedly backstage at Lockdown while Roxxi was not.

7) at the time of this writing, Rhaka Khan remains employed by TNA while Roxxi has been released.

Whether or not Kurt Angle had anything to do with this is not entirely clear right now. What is clear is that SOMETHING shady definitely happened behind the scenes that led to Roxxi losing her job, which is why I’m writing this.

An online petition has been started in the hopes that it will help Roxxi get her job back. The link to it can be found at or you can go to it directly at

--A Message For Roxxi--

Roxxi, I am saddened and upset by how TNA treated you. Please know that you were my favorite TNA star, not just in the Knockouts division, but in the entire company. In a roster that contained a certain amount of people with poor attitudes and mediocre levels of talent you were the last person who deserved to be released, especially in such a classless manner.

I wish you nothing but the best in your wrestling career. And the silver lining in all of this is that, if this is the last we’ve seen of you in TNA then you are free to go off and find a new wrestling promotion to work for that will actually appreciate you like the fans do.

If you’re a fan of Roxxi, please email TNA at to show your support and let them know that the fans want her back.

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