August 31, 2009



1st, some info about me. I've been a pro wrestling fan for many years. Back in the day I would watch WCW & WWE religiously. For every show, be it Raw, Nitro, Smackdown, Thunder, ECW (when I could find it), I was right there, front and center. Since then things have changed a lot.

ECW went under and WCW soon followed suit. It's long been my opinion that once that happened, once the WWE became the only game in town, they got lazy. They stopped trying to push the envelope, stopped trying to deliver for the fans, stopped trying to produce the prodcut that they should. IMO, the signs were all there as early as the now infamous WCW/ECW invasion angle. My opinions on that debacle are best left for another time, but the bottom line is once WCW went out of business, WWE started taking their fans for granted, the product began to suffer and it's been going downhill ever since.

Then, a several years ago I discovered TNA wrestling -- a company that, while it often couldn't seem to get out of its' own way, was at least trying to be something more than what it was. A company that, for all it's many flaws, was trying to provide some kind of alternative for those of us that have become disgusted by what we see on Monday nights. I became an instant fan and the rest is history.

Wanting to help get the word out about TNA and looking for a way to vent my frustrations with the WWE and pro wrestling in general, I joined the youtube community and have been posting videos there for the last year and a half. For a while that was enough to appease me... and then it wasn't. Late last year I applied and became a columnist for, writing the KNOCKED OUT articles spotlighting TNA's women's division which frequently appear on that site. More recently, I have begun participating in a weekly online pro wrestling podcast called qcwradio. All that amounts to more than some others in the IWC have done, sure, but I still wanted to do more.

Always looking for new avenues to raise my profile in the internet wrestling community and new ways to get my views out to the fans, casual, hardcore or otherwise, I am now here to announce the launch of the TNA Threshold blog -- a blog for the TNA fans, by a TNA fan.

Currently on the agenda: all the KNOCKED OUT columns, past and present, are going to be posted here. I'm also going to start incorporating content from my youtube reviews and rants on TNA & WWE. More original content should soon follow.

Some things you should know about me:

1) while I was once a loyal WWE fan, the steady decline in the quality of their product over the years has made me jaded and frankly, kind of bitter toward that company. IMO, Raw is almost unwatchable at this point. I'm a fair minded person and will certainly give them their props when they deserve it, but if you're looking for a pro-WWE stance then I suggest you look somewhere else.

2) though I am a TNA fan, I am not a TNA mark. I will always stress the positives about TNA whenever I can, but if I see them doing something that I think is ill-advised, a mistake or just plain stupid, then I will pull no punches. Glossing over the problems with a company is not going to solve anything and it's not going to help that company grow. I enjoy TNA far more than what the McMahons are offering, but they're not getting any free passes with me. I watched WCW slowly shrivel up and die because nobody wanted to acknowledge and actually deal with the issues that were destroying that company. That won't happen again.

So... are you a former WWE fan, pissed off at the horrid state of the product today? Are you a TNA fan, frustrated with their one-step-forward-one-step-back approach? Are you just a wrestling fan, angry about the state of the business in general?

You've come to the right place.

Stay tuned...