September 03, 2009

Nikki Rocks! Rhaka Sucks!

Originally posted on on 4/25/09.

Nikki Rocks! Rhaka Sucks!

by FK9

There was a story going around saying TNA Knockouts Roxxi and Rhaka Khan were involved in a backstage altercation in which Khan gave Roxxi a black eye. However, the story has since been changed to Khan stiffing Roxxi in a match recently taped for iMPACT!, so apparently that's how Roxxi suffered the black eye, and not during the backstage argument the two women had.

The Sun is reporting that Roxxi and Rhaka got into a heated backstage altercation at a recent show though. Roxxi felt that Khan had intentionally stiffed her in a match, thus resulting in a black eye.

According to several people in the organization, Rhaka Khan is not liked backstage and has a really bad attitude. She doesn't want to train to improve in the ring and carries herself like she's a huge star, which rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Since she's dating Kurt Angle, however, no one says anything to her face, since Angle has a lot of political stroke in the company. Khan is in a secure spot since TNA isn't going to release her due to her relationship with Angle.


In addition to Cute Kip and Jacqueline, TNA Knockout Roxxi was also not brought to the set of iMPACT! taping this past week.

TNA president Dixie Carter made the decision to pull all three from television — at least for this week — as neither star was brought to the set of Impact tapings. Although, Roxxi did at least get to work the Destination X pay-per-view as she competed in the Six-Knockout Tag Team Match against My Pi Sexy — The Beautiful People and Madison Rayne.

The decision to pull the three stars was not received particularly well, so people have decided to take the blame out on Jeff Jarrett — although he doesn't appear to be at fault.


On the March 19th edition of iMPACT, new Knockouts, Daffney (I refuse to call her the Governor) and Madison Rayne competed in a match. Daffney won. Afterward, Rayne and the Beautiful People jumped Daffney from behind and began a triple team beatdown.

A “Roxxi!” chant broke out in the crowd.

Moments later, the three heels pulled out a pair of scissors and began cutting off Daffney’s hair.

A “We want Roxxi!” chant broke out in the crowd.

Don’t remember? Then watch it again right here, courtesy of the awesomeness that is youtube:

Listen to the crowd at 0:43 and 1:56. Do you hear what I hear? I think you do.

There’s just one problem… Roxxi couldn’t make the save the audience was demanding. On a night when the live crowd broke into two separate chants for her when she wasn’t even there, Roxxi could not show up because she wasn’t flown in for the TV tapings.

And why? That’s a very good question.

As an avid Roxxi (aka Nikki Roxx) fan, I have to say I was very upset when I read the two news items you see at the top of the page.

If you read my previous column, ‘the Unappreciated Knockout’ then you know how much I think Roxxi has been underutilized by TNA so far. She’s often overlooked, rarely pushed, and yet despite that handicap has managed to become one of the most popular female stars on the TNA roster.

So naturally it was very distressing to me when I read that her standing in TNA might have been derailed by something that almost certainly was not her fault. Derailed by a walking, talking abortion of a wrestler named Rhaka Khan.

I’m not going to speculate on whether these two news items are linked or whether any of it is actually true or not because I don’t know if it’s true. But I’ll say this much: if this IS true it is absolute horse crap. And I’ll tell you why…

Rhaka Khan was hired to be the valet of Scott Steiner and later for Petey Williams. Basically, she walked out to the ring with them and occasionally interfered in their matches. For a long time that’s all she did. Did you ever stop to wonder why until recently she never wrestled in the Knockouts division except for big multi-person matches like the Queen of the Cage match and the Makeover Battle Royal?

There are two main reasons for this:

1) she has a horrible attitude backstage and is not popular with management.

2) she’s a bad wrestler. Not just bad, but really, Really, REALLY bad.

So now you must be asking yourself if this woman is such an abominable waste of time and money, why do they not simply get rid of her?

Answer: she’s dating Kurt Angle.

So basically, Rhaka Khan is the TNA equivalent of WWE Diva, Michelle “McTaker” McCool, except without the athleticism and good looks.

So apparently, people in the TNA organization will not reprimand Rhaka Khan when she acts like an ass and will not punish her when she deserves to be punished out of fear of upsetting Kurt Angle.

Instead, if these rumors are true (and I’m not saying they are), it appears as if Roxxi may have been made the scapegoat in this situation all because no one in TNA management wanted to risk making Kurt Angle mad by giving his girlfriend exactly what she deserves.

Well, as it turns out, I am not employed by TNA (though not for lack of trying) and I have no such qualms.

I’ll keep this simple…

Roxxi is a very talented wrestler and performer. Rhaka Khan is not. In fact, Khan is so horrible in the ring, so utterly devoid of talent, so completely lacking in wrestling ability that I have now dubbed her, the female Kip James.

Roxxi is very popular with both casual fans and the IWC. Rhaka Khan is not. When Khan is on my TV screen I change the channel. Most people just want her to go away and never come back.

Roxxi has a good attitude. Rhaka Khan does not. Have you ever read any reports about Roxxi not wanting to train hard to improve her performance or refusing to sign trading cards? No, because there haven’t been any. Have you ever heard of Rhaka Khan being guilty of these things? Yes, because she is.

Roxxi is undeniably one of the most over women in the Knockouts division. The only crowd heat Rhaka Khan has ever garnered is when the fans boo her for performing so horribly.

I would buy a Roxxi T-shirt in a heart beat and wear it with pride. I wouldn't wear a Rhaka Khan T-shirt if you paid me.

In other words… Nikki rocks. Rhaka sucks.

If there is any truth to these rumors it would upset me very much if Roxxi was unfairly punished for something that most likely was not even her fault and the real guilty party was protected just because of a personal relationship she has with TNA’s top star. Kurt Angle is a professional and would surely understand that disciplinary measures would need to be taken if Rhaka Khan deserved them, which she certainly does if even half the things I've heard about her are true.

Last night I sent a politely worded email to TNA, telling them exactly that and if anyone out there reading this column wants to do the same, the email is:

TNA, if these reports are true, if someone must be punished, then do not punish Roxxi. Do the right thing. Punish the one who deserves to be punished. Punish Rhaka Khan.

And while you're at it, please do not put Khan in the ring anymore. Her matches are atrocious.

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