June 04, 2011

TNA: TKO Ep. #14

Welcome to TKO, the fictional, one hour a week, Knockout exclusive iMPACT spinoff.

ROSTER: Angelina Love, Brooke Tessmacher, Daffney, Jennifer Blade (Jennifer Blake), Madison Rayne, Mickie James, Sarita, Serafina (Christina Von Eerie), Tara, Trina Diaz (Divina Fly/Rosita), Velvet Sky, Winter

BROADCAST TEAM: Jeremy Borash & Don West


INTERVIEWER: Christy Hemme



TKO abides by one rule: Absolutely nothing happens on the show that could not conceivably happen if it existed in real life.

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COLD OPEN: They start with a video package of the Jennifer Blade/Tara confrontation from last week. Then they show post-show reactions which were not aired.

Tara is livid. "No one talks to me that way!" she yells. "No one! Last Woman Standing match... That little bitch... when I get done with her, she'll never stand again!"

Then they cut to Jennifer. "I'm thrilled," she says, looking focused and determined. "I can't wait. Can't wait."


Traci Brooks' music plays and she walks out to the stage with Cookie. Traci says that, in light of the injuries Mickie James has suffered, they are making preparations in the event that she has to be stripped of the Knockouts championship. "Mickie has informed us that she's going to be back in time to defend her title but, to be honest, I'm a little skeptical. So over the next 2 weeks we're going to be having qualifying matches to determine the top 5 contenders on the roster. These 5 women will go on to compete in something that has never been done in TNA before. And the winner of that match will be crowned the new TNA Knockouts champion."

By virtue of being the current tag team champions, Winter & Sarita have already qualified. There are 3 spots left to fill, so Traci advises all the other women to step their game up.

She says that, ultimately, it will be the fans who decide if TKO gets a second season, so they're giving the fans everything they've got. "We're coming up on our season finale, so it's time for these guns to start blazing."

JB & West wonder what Traci has in store for the women who qualify. Neither of them have any idea.

West says he might be imagining things, but Traci didn't seem terribly upset about the idea of Mickie being stripped of the title.

BACKSTAGE: Traci and Cookie are only just returning to the backstage area, and they find Winter & Sarita waiting for them. The tag team champions say that they're the best 2 competitors in this company and they don't need any handouts. They want to be entered in qualifiers like everyone else, and they will win their way into this match because they're better than everyone else.

Traci doesn't hide the fact that this pleases her. She says she's very happy to hear them say that and tells Winter to go get suited up. Traci watches them approvingly as they leave.

We cut to the locker room where Christy Hemme is standing by with Tara. Christy asks Tara if she has any thoughts on her match tonight. Tara said she didn't have a problem with Jennifer Blade until she stuck her nose in Tara's business. But she just can't seem to let this thing go and now she's making it personal. "No one has ever talked to me like she did last week. No one disrespects me like that and definitely not some punk rookie who's still wet behind the ears. So my thoughts on this match are that I'm happy. I'm happy it's Last Woman Standing because that means there's no handcuffs this time. I can do whatever I want to her and no one's going to stop me. And I'm going to hurt her. I'll break her will, I'll break her body, and if she's got anything left when I'm done, I'll break that too."

Christy remarks that the things Jennifer said must have really hit home to get Tara so worked up. Tara insists that they didn't hit home, they just pissed her off. But Christy thinks that perhaps Jennifer did have a point about some things and she asks if Tara has considered that Jennifer might not be the real source of all this anger she's feeling; that it might be someone else. Christy is alluding to Madison Rayne, but never actually says her name outright.

Tara doesn't answer. She seems to be considering this question, but finally she just walks out of the shot.

We cut to Daffney and Angelina Love heading for the ring via split screen. JB says the first qualifying match begins after the break.


They show a video package of Velvet Sky abandoning Angelina in the tag title match 2 weeks ago.

iMPACT ZONE: Cookie comes out and stands on the stage with a clipboard. Then Daffney makes her entrance.

BACKSTAGE: Christy catches up to Angelina at the entranceway and tries to get some comments from Angelina about the situation with Velvet. Angelina doesn't even stop to answer the question, shoving Christy out of the way.

iMPACT ZONE: Angelina walks down the ramp looking really pissed off and forgoing her usual entrance. Her hair is unkempt and her makeup looks like it was applied in a hurry.


Angelina attacks Daffney the second she enters the ring, not even waiting for the bell. West says she must really be in a mood to hurt someone right now and he doesn't blame her.

Angelina controls most of the match. She's being very aggressive, but working recklessly, making careless mistakes that Daffney capitalizes on. JB says she doesn't seem to be thinking about what she's doing. West comments that she's probably too angry about Velvet turning on her to think right now. Velvet had the same problem for months, where she was so frustrated about so many things that it was affecting her matches. He thinks Angelina should be more careful, lest she give Daffney an opening.

Angelina has Daffney reeling. She's setting up for the botox injection, when suddenly Velvet appears on the video screen. She's in a spa, lying on a table, getting massaged by 2 men. "Well, well... trying to win your way into yet another title match, are we? You didn't waste any time moving on without me -- gee, there's a shock. Not that I'm bitter or anything; I'm passed all that. You, on the other hand, look pretty upset, and I don't blame you. Because all these dreams you have of being Knockouts champion again, of being the most decorated Knockout in the history of ever? You're going to have to put those away... because they're not going to happen. And I know why, and you know why. All you people don't know why yet, but don't worry, I'll tell you... just not tonight. Tonight I'm a little busy."

The video ends with Velvet instructing the masseurs to go lower. Transfixed, Angelina can't take her eyes off the screen. With her distracted, Daffney sneaks up behind her and rolls her up.

WINNER: Daffney in 8:31

Daffney is the first qualifier in the title match. Cookie is shown writing on her clipboard.

Angelina just sits there in the ring, in utter shock.

BACKSTAGE: The camera is on Traci as she heads for her office. A security guard comes up and says there's someone waiting for her; he tried to stop her, but she was insistent. Traci asks who it is, opening the door to her office. It's Mickie James, sitting in Traci's chair, behind her desk.

"Why am I not surprised?" Traci asks.

"Because you know me," Mickie replies. "And I know you. That's why I'm here."

Mickie says she had a feeling that Traci was going to move ahead with her plans to crown a new champion, so she thought she'd swing by the arena to show Traci that it won't be necessary. "The headaches are getting smaller every day, my vision cleared up and I'm going to be ready to go by the time this big match of yours rolls around. So whatever kind of match you've got in mind, you can put it out of your mind right now. There won't be a new champion and that title isn't going anywhere."

Traci looks mad, but is keeping her anger under control. "Listen to me," she says. "You don't tell me what to do. I'm the boss, you're the employee. I tell you what to do. I already announced the match, the match is set, and it's going to happen in 2 weeks whether you like it or not. If, by some medical miracle, you get a doctor to clear you by then, I'll happily put you in the match and let you defend the title like any self-respecting champion should." Traci is being purposefully derisive here and it doesn't go unnoticed. "And if, in your state, you somehow manage to beat 5 other women who are gunning for you, then you're right, there won't be a new champion. Although, I have to say, Mickie... I don't like your chances."

"Yeah..." Mickie mutters sarcastically as she gets up and heads for the door. "Sure you don't."

Mickie leaves the office. The camera lingers on Traci. She's not happy.

We cut to Jennifer in the locker room, cutting a promo on her match with Tara tonight. "Yeah, I saw the interview. She looked really pissed off. I don't know why she's so angry at me when she's been putting up with worse from Madison Rayne for months. I guess I finally hit a nerve. Good. I'm glad. I'm glad she wants to hurt me. I hope she brings everything she's got tonight. This whole thing started because I met a woman I looked up to for years, someone I'd modeled myself after, and all I wanted was to earn her respect. Well, I don't want her respect anymore -- she can keep it, because her respect doesn't mean anything. I wanted it from the woman I idolized, but I haven't seen that woman since I got here. I know I caught a glimpse of her last week, and I don't know who's gonna show up tonight, the warrior or the bitch, but it won't make a difference. She only beat me in our last match because Madison got involved -- I don't think I'll have to worry about that this time. It's just going to be me and Tara. The hero-worship is gone, and now I'm just someone with a big grudge to settle. I'm every bit as good as she is, and she's finally going to have to accept that when I'm the last woman standing. After that, the sky is the limit. Tonight I finish my business with Tara, next week I qualify for the title match, and then I'm putting every single bitch in this locker room on notice. You think you've seen the real Jennifer Blade... you've got no @#$%ing idea."

We cut to Winter heading for the ring. JB says the second qualifying match will begin after the break.


iMPACT ZONE: Again, Cookie comes out with her clipboard. Then Winter makes her entrance.

Haley Vaughn (Leva Bates) is already in the ring, this week dressed in a Chun Li (from Street Fighter) cosplay outfit. JB informs us that Haley and her partner, Terryn Shane (Serena Deeb), are still being evaluated. Last week we saw them in tag team competition and now they're going to have to prove what they can do as singles competitors.


This is mostly a comedy match, with Haley being very silly and goofy, playing to the crowd and annoying Winter with her fangirl antics. At one point she jumps on Winter's back and tries to ride her like a horse. Haley keeps Winter very flustered with her comedy spots. Finally, Winter gets so irritated that she simply nails Haley with a steel chair when the referee is distracted.

WINNER: Winter in 6:20

Winter is the second qualifier. Cookie is shown making notes on her clipboard.

Still very annoyed, Winter throws a volley of insults at Haley as she walks to the back, calling Haley a peasant who should be performing on a street corner for loose change. The camera follows her as she walks to the backstage area. Sarita is waiting there for her and congratulates her on getting the win, but Winter is still really aggravated -- Haley has clearly gotten under her skin.

As the 2 of them head for the locker room, they pass Serafina & Trina Diaz, who tell them not to get so focused on the singles title that they forget about the tag titles. They remind the heels that they're going to have to defend the tag titles again before too long. Sarita & Winter blow them off and keep walking. Serafina & Trina yell that the heels will to have to deal with them sooner or later.

We cut to Christy and Daffney. Christy asks Daffney for her comments on qualifying for the big title match. Daffney thinks for a minute, then screams into the mic. Christy has to cover her ears.

We see Tara and Jennifer warming up via split screen. JB says the Last Woman Standing match is still to come.


BACKSTAGE: Winter cuts a promo about qualifying for the title match. She says it was a forgone conclusion. In 2 weeks, the championship will either be coming to the UK or Mexico, and either way, it's coming home. She also has more harsh words for Haley, saying that clowns belong in a circus, not a wrestling ring.

They air a video package chronicling the entire Tara/Jennifer Blade rivalry.

iMPACT ZONE: SoCal Val announces that it's time for the main event of the evening.

BACKSTAGE: Jennifer is psyching herself up. Her music plays in the arena. She begins her walk to the entranceway. The camera follows.

iMPACT ZONE: Jennifer makes her entrance.

BACKSTAGE: Tara is pacing in the halls. Her music begins to play and she heads for the ring. The camera follows.

When Tara reaches the entranceway, Mickie is there waiting for her.

"She wasn't wrong, you know," Mickie says ("she" meaning Jennifer).

"Yeah," Tara replies sullenly, not looking at Mickie. "I know."

iMPACT ZONE: Tara makes her entrance.

JB says the Last Woman Standing match will begin after the final break of the evening.


Back from the break, Val gives each woman a separate intro. They stand face to face. The bell rings. Still, they just stand there, boring holes into each other with their eyes. The intensity on their faces builds, their anger rising... and they go at it!


For the first time since their rivalry started, Jennifer and Tara fight each other as equals. Jennifer is no longer intimidated by Tara and Tara is no longer taking Jennifer for granted, thinking she can be beaten easily. Each time Tara attempts something she's beaten Jennifer with in the past, Jennifer has the move scouted -- she escapes the widow's peak, she reverses every submission hold.

But Tara is a tough customer and she's hard to beat at the best of times. Tara is also withstanding everything Jennifer is dishing out. For the first time, Jennifer starts breaking out her big signature moves -- kobashi chops, suicide dives -- Tara absorbs it all, but it's taking a toll.

JB says that Tara won't go down easily, but Jennifer is wrestling like she really wants this win.

As they approach the end of the match, both women are spent, but they're still going. There's a big series of multiple reversals, with neither of them able to land a move on the other...

Suddenly, Madison Rayne appears on the stage with a steel chair. Tara is distracted by her for a split second, but a split second is all it takes.

Jennifer grabs Tara and hits the dynamite destroyer (double underhook flip piledriver). Tara goes down and doesn't get up. The referee makes the count.

WINNER: Jennifer Blade in 14:58

The announcers play this up like a huge deal. JB says Jennifer just earned the biggest win of her career. West said it must be pretty cathartic for her to finally take Tara down a peg after all she went through.

The referee raises Jennifer's hand, but Jennifer doesn't celebrate. In fact, she doesn't even look happy. She just stares bitterly down at Tara on the mat, her face very dark. Finally, she shakes her head and exits the ring, wiping her feet on Tara as she leaves, just like Tara did to her after their first match.

She passes Madison as she walks up the ramp. They lock eyes for a moment, then Jennifer gestures to the ring, as if silently saying 'she's all yours', and keeps walking.

Madison grabs a mic and enters the ring. She unfolds the chair, sets it down on top of Tara and sits on it, pinning Tara to the mat by her neck. "Tara," she says, "this arrangement with the 2 of us... it's not working for me anymore. I'm tired of it and I'm tired of you. You've outlived your usefulness. So when I face you next week, not only am I going to qualify for the title match, but I'm going to wash my hands of you, once and for all. The last time we faced each other one-on-one I ended your career. The only reason you even still have one is because of me. But this time... it's going to be permanent."

As Tara struggles to free herself from under the chair, we...


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