March 16, 2011

TNA: TKO Ep. #6

Welcome to TKO, the fictional, one hour a week, Knockout exclusive iMPACT spinoff.

ROSTER: Angelina Love, Brooke Tessmacher, Daffney, Jennifer Blade (Jennifer Blake), Madison Rayne, Mickie James, Sarita, Serafina (Christina Von Eerie), Tara, Trina Diaz (Divina Fly/Rosita), Velvet Sky, Winter

BROADCAST TEAM: Jeremy Borash & Don West


INTERVIEWER: Christy Hemme



TKO abides by one rule: Absolutely nothing happens on the show that could not conceivably happen if it existed in real life.

Here's what happened last time: Setting the Stage, Ep. #1, Ep. #2, Ep. #3, Ep. #4, Ep. #5


iMPACT ZONE: The announcers welcome us to the show. JB tells us that tonight there will be a gauntlet battle royal match to determine the #1 contender for Mickie James' Knockouts title, and in the main event it will be Sarita & Trina Diaz vs. Angelina Love & Winter to determine the new Knockout tag team champions.

Mickie's music plays and -- her head bandaged -- she makes her way down to the ring. She gets on the mic and says that it's really easy to look like a badass when you're attacking someone in the dark, but she's never been one to take the easy road in anything she's done. She doesn't know why Daffney suddenly has it in for her, but she's putting a stop to it and tells Daffney to get her ass out here.

When Daffney doesn't show up, Mickie says that she didn't know Daffney's M.O. at first, but she's got her figured out now -- Daffney only likes to attack people whose backs are turned. Mickie turns her back to the stage. No sign of Daffney. "Would it help if we turned the house lights off?" Mickie asks angrily. "How about if I blindfolded myself, maybe got someone to tie me up?" Still no Daffney. This goes on for a few minutes, and just when Mickie is about to head backstage and drag Daffney out by her hair, Daffney appears on the video screen.

Daffney says she didn't think she was going to do this, but what Mickie just said made her laugh. "You think you've got me figured out, Mickie? That's just hilarious. Do you know how many people have tried to do that and failed? Eric Bischoff couldn't figure me out in WCW, so he had to fire me instead. The doctors at the insane asylum tried to figure me out and they're the ones who ended up in straight jackets. You can't figure me out, Mickie. You can't plan for me, you can't predict me. Even I don't know what I'm going to do. I just do things -- things that make me happy, whatever that might be. And right now, messing with you, that makes me happy. And you know what else would make me happy? That pretty little belt of yours."

[SIDE NOTE: I'm going for a more sinister version of Daffney's character here. I liken her to Heath Ledger's Joker in the Dark Knight -- less wacky, more dark and calculating. Still crazy, but with a method to her madness.]

While Mickie is watching the video screen, Daffney jumps out of the crowd from behind her. The video was a recording! She hits the ring with her tire iron and attacks, but Mickie is ready this time. Anticipating the attack, Mickie whirls around and cuts her off. They fight for a minute, Mickie gets the better of the exchange and clotheslines Daffney over the ropes.

Mickie grabs the tire iron. Laughing, Daffney jumps back into the crowd before she can use it. Mickie tries to go after her, but Cookie runs out to the stage and yells at her to stop. Cookie says Traci hired her to help her stop things from getting out of control around here and that's what she's doing. She orders Mickie to stay right where she is. She's not going to go running through the stands and start fights in the crowd when they've got a show to do. Mickie isn't going anywhere because they need her to be on commentary during the gauntlet battle royal.

Mickie tries to go after Daffney anyway. Cookie says that if Mickie takes one more step, Cookie will book her in a Jersey street fight against the entire locker room. "I can do that now, skank, remember?" she adds. Security arrives and Cookie orders them to sit Mickie down.

Once again, Daffney has vanished.

JB says the gauntlet battle royal begins after the break.


iMPACT ZONE: Mickie is sitting down with the announcers as they recap what just happened. They ask Mickie about it. She tells them it's just like she said -- Daffney likes attacking people from behind. It was a clever trick with the video, but Mickie's been in this business for 10 years. She knows all the tricks and she's not going to be fooled that easily.

West asks if Mickie still thinks Traci could be involved with this somehow. Mickie says that everyone has been calling her paranoid, but Daffney somehow managed to hear Mickie calling her out, record that video, get the production truck to play it and then get to the other side of the arena for her little sneak attack. All that happened really fast and she doesn't see how Daffney could have possibly done it by herself; she has to be getting help from someone. Mickie's not saying it's Traci necessarily, but if not her, then who? Maybe Cookie, maybe someone else -- she doesn't know. Mickie doesn't like surprises and promises to get to the bottom of this.

SoCal Val announces the start of the match. A new participant will enter every 2 minutes.


Val announces that the first participant is making her TNA debut and introduces new Knockout, Jennifer Blade (Jennifer Blake).

BACKSTAGE: Jennifer cuts a quick promo at the entranceway. She says she may have drawn the #1 spot, but she's not intimidated. She planned to turn some heads tonight and that's what she's going to do. She's got energy to burn and an hour to kill, and challenges everyone in the locker room to come get her. Like in the video packages we saw promoting her debut, she calls herself a powder keg. "I don't blow up," she says. "I explode."

iMPACT ZONE: Jennifer makes her entrance.



Jennifer pretty muck kicks Brooke's ass and throws her over the ropes before the next participant even enters the match.



Madison puts up more of a fight than Brooke, but Jennifer still manages to eliminate her before the next entrant.



The announcers say this is going to be the real test for Jennifer as Angelina is the most experienced and decorated wrestler to enter the match so far.

Angelina puts up the best fight. She and Jennifer go back and forth with neither woman gaining the upper hand.


West says Jennifer is in trouble now since the Beautiful People are obviously going to work together.

Velvet & Angelina take the advantage, double teaming Jennifer. They have her reeling until they whip her into the ropes and she grabs them to stop herself. Angelina charges, but Jennifer backdrops her onto the ring apron. She tries to knock Angelina off the apron, but Angelina holds on. Velvet then charges at Jennifer. Jennifer sidesteps and sends Velvet crashing into Angelina.


Distracted for a second, Velvet apologizes for her mistake, then turns around and walks into a superkick from Jennifer that sends her over the top rope as well.


The announcers are shocked. Mickie is impressed. Jennifer pounds the mat, fired up. West says she could win the whole thing at this rate.


Jennifer's resolve vanishes.

JB says this should be interesting and reminds us of the hype video they saw 2 weeks ago in which Jennifer cited Tara as her biggest influence. West says it's more than just that -- he was talking to Jennifer before they went on the air and she told him that watching Tara was what made her want to be a wrestler in the first place. She said she idolized Tara as a kid.

Tara wastes no time and goes on the offensive immediately. In contrast to her earlier aggressive style, Jennifer now seems very tentative and cautious, not putting up much of a fight. West says there's definitely an element of hero-worship here that's messing with her head.


JB & West put over Jennifer's performance. Mickie says how impressed she was with her.


Tara takes the advantage, overpowering the smaller woman. Tara tries to throw her over the ropes, but Serafina manages to hold on until the next participant enters.


Trina saves Serafina from elimination and the 2 of them start to double team Tara. West says they've been hanging out together a lot backstage these last few weeks. He thinks they've been sticking together since they're both the new girls on the roster.

They're working Tara over very well until Tara nails both of them with a double clothesline. JB says that normally, Tara would probably have to worry about what Madison Rayne would want, but with Madison already eliminated, there's nothing holding her back. It's probably lighting a fire under Tara to win that title shot.


Winter puts an end to the double teaming, going after Serafina. She forces Serafina over the ropes, but Serafina pulls Winter out of the ring with her.


Tara is close to eliminating Trina. West says that if Trina can hold on for another few seconds, she'll have some help.


Sarita hits the ring, taking Tara down with a hurrcanrana. She and Trina hit some double team moves on Tara and succeed in getting her over the top rope. They celebrate, slap a high 5, then Sarita throws Trina over the top rope too.


Unbeknownst to Sarita, Tara skinned the cat and was not eliminated. Sarita turns around and walks into a clothesline that sends her over the ropes as well, but she holds on and gets back in under the bottom rope. Sarita and Tara go at it until...


Mickie didn't know Daffney was entered in this match. Neither did the announcers. Mickie says she saw the runsheet for tonight and Daffney was not booked to compete -- she calls it an awfully big coincidence that not only does Daffney get added to a #1 contenders match at the last minute, but she also draws the final spot. Suspicious, she says stuff like that seems to be happening a lot around here lately.

The 3 remaining women circle each other for a moment, and then attack. For several minutes no one is able to gain the upper hand. Finally, Sarita is taken out by Tara.


Tara and Daffney square off. Tara dishes out a lot of punishment and Daffney takes it, not fighting back, laughing. Tara tries to eliminate her, but Daffney holds on to the ropes. Frustrated, Tara locks on the tarantula submission hold. Daffney just laughs.

"This is disturbing," West comments. "She really seems to be enjoying this."

Tara finally releases the hold and Daffney falls to the mat, seemingly finished. As Tara is reentering the ring, Daffney kicks her, sending her back out to the apron. Daffney punches her. Tara holds on. Another punch. Tara holds on. Daffney runs the ropes and charges at Tara. Still she holds on.

Then Daffney grabs Tara and spews mist in her face, a la MsChif. Tara is stunned. One more punch and...



Daffney screams. Mickie gets out of her seat. She and Daffney lock eyes. Daffney smiles and invites her into the ring. Mickie hits the ring and they go at it!

The fight goes outside the ring. Daffney goes for a chair and takes a swing, but Mickie ducks and it hits the ringpost. Daffney drops it. Mickie tries to whip Daffney into the steel steps, but Daffney reverses and headbuts Mickie. Mickie staggers. JB reminds us that Mickie already had a head injury and can't be 100%.

Daffney ends the fight by giving Mickie a DDT on the steel chair. Mickie is out cold.

West says Daffney sure wasn't attacking from behind that time. Mickie may have to rethink her strategy when she wakes up.

Daffney stands over Mickie, laughing.


iMPACT ZONE: Mickie is being helped to the back by the trainers.

BACKSTAGE: We get a series of quick reactions from the roster about the battle royal.

Cookie says that of course she was the one who added Daffney to the match. Traci is very busy and can't do everything herself, and that's what Cookie is there for. She says the match called for everyone on the roster to participate, so why shouldn't Daffney have been in it?

Jennifer says the outcome wasn't what she was hoping for. After she was eliminated she was rooting for Tara to win.

Serafina says she may not have won the title shot, but being the reason why Winter didn't win it feels almost as good.

Tara says she's pissed off because she came so close. Madison silently glares at her.

Brooke admits she's frustrated that she can't seem to make any progress.

Winter and Velvet are screaming at each other, ignoring the camera. Winter is blaming Velvet for eliminating Angelina from the match. Angry, Velvet insists it was an accident. Angelina is trying to separate them.

Trina is angry that Sarita eliminated her, what with them being tag team partners. Sarita tries to talk her down, claiming that she thought they were the last 2 in the match and only one person could win.

We see the respective arguments between Angelina/Winter/Velvet and Sarita/Trina via split screen.

JB says the match to decide new Knockout tag team champions is up next.


BACKSTAGE: Mickie is being examined by TNA medical staff.

iMPACT ZONE: Sarita & Trina make their entrance. Their demeanor is frosty. West comments that Trina doesn't look like Sarita's excuse for eliminating her from the battle royal convinced her of her partner's good intentions.

BACKSTAGE: Angelina, Winter and Velvet are by the entranceway. Winter and Velvet are still yelling at each other. Angelina is desperately trying to get them to calm down and shrieks that their title match is about to start. Velvet says screw the title match, she's not going out there with Winter; she needs some space.

Angelina says she needs Velvet out there with her, but Velvet doesn't think so. "You've got your partner!" Velvet snaps. "What do you need me for?"

Velvet stalks off. Angelina tries to go after her, but Winter says there's no time, noting that their music has already started playing.

iMPACT ZONE: Angelina & Winter make their entrance.

JB says there are a lot of combustable elements in this match and anything could happen. Expanding on this, West explains that neither team is getting along and all 4 women have already wrestled tonight so the pressure and stress level must be really high.

JB says the match begins after the final commercial break of the evening.


iMPACT ZONE: SoCal Val gives each team a separate intro.


The finish comes when Winter knocks Sarita off the ring apron and pins Trina.


Sarita glares at Trina. Trina is apologetic, but Sarita's not hearing it. She slaps Trina in the face. Trina tries to retaliate, but Sarita knocks her down and starts pummelling her.

Val hands Angelina & Winter their title belts. They celebrate on the stage as Sarita beats the hell out of Trina in the ring.

BACKSTAGE: Mickie is still being checked out by the medical staff. She's still groggy, but she's sitting up now. She asks where her title belt is.

Then Daffney attacks again! She has the title belt and nails Mickie in the head with it. Mickie goes down and Daffney assaults her like an animal. As the trainers try to restrain Daffney, we...


SIDE NOTE: Daffney's release from TNA will not affect TKO. This has all been mapped out and I will finish the story as if she were still there.

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