March 14, 2011

A Message To Dixie Carter

"BULLSHIT!" -the fans in attendance at Victory Road 2011.

"I agree!" -Sting, TNA world champion.

Watch this video...

Now I want you to imagine that TNA is the person holding the camera, some as yet undetermined combination of Dixie Carter, the writing team, Sting and/or Jeff Hardy are the person aiming the laser pointer and all the fans who actually paid $35.00 to order Victory Road to see that main event are the cat.

1 minute and 28 seconds? Seriously?

Christ almighty, TNA... and you wonder why no one buys your PPVs. No, Ms. Carter, it's not because PPV is a dying business. It's because of garbage like what we witnessed last night.

Truth be told, I don't find myself terribly upset about this debacle, and there are a few reasons for this:

#1) I streamed Victory Road, so it didn't cost me anything other than 3 hours of my life. Although, depending on how you look at it, I might still have been ripped off.

#2) I am not now, nor have I ever been a Jeff Hardy fan. In fact, after Bound For Glory last year, I was one of the first people saying that TNA putting too much faith in him, much less giving him the world title was a bad idea. He may have a lot of rabid fans, but he's just too damn unreliable to be your top guy. He proved that in WWE more than once and now he's proved it in TNA. Good grief, people... I would think the substance abuse problem and drug trafficking charges would have been a tipoff. Did you learn nothing from Scott Hall?

#3) Anyone who has followed me on my blog, on TNAsylum, or on my youtube page knows that I was completely against TNA bringing Sting back, putting him in the main events and giving him the world title (again). So given my feelings about both wrestlers involved, I had ZERO expectations for this match.

#4) I'm holding on to a sliver of hope that this humiliation will force TNA management to get off their asses and FINALLY do something to address the problems in this company that people like myself and the other writers at TNAsylum have been screaming at them about for far too long. If it does, it could turn out to be blessing in disguise.

So, yeah, I'm not foaming at the mouth with anger over this, but only because I was already half-expecting it to be a train wreck. But make no mistake, TNA. There are a LOT of angry fans out there right now.

I'm not going to sit here at my keyboard and start pointing the finger of blame. No one knows what really happened yet, and until the whole story comes out, all any of us can do is speculate. But rest assured, someone is definitely to blame for this, and whether it's Jeff Hardy, whether it's Sting, whether it's Vince Russo, whether it's someone else, they need to be dealt with. Immediately. If this had happened in WWE, Vince Mcmahon would have fired someone on the spot and he would have been right to do it.

Make no bones about this. The joke of a main event that concluded Victory Road was either the result of:

A) An incompetent creative team that no doubt booked this match while smoking the same crack as Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse when they scripted that HORSE SHIT series finale of Lost.

B) Piss poor talent management.


C) Both.

There's no in-between here. There's no gray area. One of those things was responsible and a really good case could be made for any of them.

First, I would not put it passed Vince Russo to book the match that way, thinking it was a great way of "swerving the fans". And if you think Vince Russo isn't stupid enough to do that, then you have clearly never watched a pro wrestling show booked by Vince Russo before.

Second, if that wasn't the planned finish, if they were forced to book it that way for some reason, they had to know ending the PPV that way was really going to piss a lot of fans off. So why not simply switch the card around and make a different match the main event? The Ultimate-X match perhaps? Sure, it had no hype whatsoever, but at the very least it would have finished the show on a positive note so you didn't have to fade out at the end of the night with your world champion audibly agreeing with the audience that what just happened was bullshit. And if TNA has been at all serious about their intent to rebuild the X-division (I doubt it), having the X-division title match be the main event of a PPV would not have been a bad way to start.

Third, planned or not, after that match, Immortal as a faction is dead. DEAD. D-E-A-D. There's no way around it anymore and management would have to be blind, deaf, dumb and higher than Charlie Sheen to not realize that. Immortal's lineup was already a complete and utter joke since Fortune split from them, but now their chosen champion, the only remaining member of the group with any real credibility or star power, just got beat in the main event of a PPV in 88 freaking seconds.

Fourth, if the rumors of Hardy being intoxicated were true, then it was stupid, not to mention incredibly irresponsible of management to even send him out to the ring in the first place.

My guess? It was both. You don't finish a PPV like that without some combination of factors A & B. And this means that something has to be done. No more excuses, TNA. Something has to be done.

In closing, this blog is a message directed straight at Dixie Carter...

Ms. Carter, you and your company were embarrassed at Victory Road. Consider it a wake-up call. I ask you to think long and hard about exactly why that PPV ended the way it did. Think about a live audience chanting "BULLSHIT!" and your world champion agreeing with them, on camera no less. Think about what the cause of this was.

And for God's sake, take control of your company already. Do whatever you have to do to prevent something like this from ever happening again before we all stop watching out of sheer disgust.

Peace. Out.


Matthew said...

Not sure if you still check there, but your old pal Newton Gimmick is actually blaming Sting for this, saying that he squashed the match early and that He, Hardy, and TNA agreed to a 5 - 10 minute brawl way before hand. That site is so horrible and he has his head so far up their asses its unbelievable.

FK9 said...

Yeah, well, welcome to Newton Gimmick. Let's not blame Hardy for showing up to work drunk or stoned or whatever it was. This is why it didn't bother me when they fired me from the site. I'm much happier at TNAsylum.

Anonymous said...

I think it was more likely Hardy being one of the guys holding the laser pointer than Sting because prior to the match Jeff was allegedly found on the emns room floor high as a kite and given his actions before, during and after the match I'm not really surprised. I'd say I don't expect to see Jeff in TNA anymore but I think that's giving Carter, Hogan and Bischoff WAY too much credit.