March 26, 2011

TNA: TKO Ep. #7

Welcome to TKO, the fictional, one hour a week, Knockout exclusive iMPACT spinoff.

ROSTER: Angelina Love, Brooke Tessmacher, Daffney, Jennifer Blade (Jennifer Blake), Madison Rayne, Mickie James, Sarita, Serafina (Christina Von Eerie), Tara, Trina Diaz (Divina Fly/Rosita), Velvet Sky, Winter

BROADCAST TEAM: Jeremy Borash & Don West


INTERVIEWER: Christy Hemme



TKO abides by one rule: Absolutely nothing happens on the show that could not conceivably happen if it existed in real life.

Here's what happened last time: Setting the Stage, Ep. #1, Ep. #2, Ep. #3, Ep. #4, Ep. #5, Ep. #6

COLD OPEN: A caption on the screen reads 'Earlier today'. Mickie James is arriving at the arena. She runs into Brooke Tessmacher. Mickie asks Brooke if she's seen Daffney anywhere. She hasn't. "Well, I'm going to see her tonight. You can bet your ass on that," Mickie says. "I'm gonna knock some sanity into that bitch."

Mickie and Brooke walk out of the shot and we see someone lurking far off in the background. The camera zooms in. It's Daffney, silently watching and waiting.


iMPACT ZONE: JB & West welcome us to the show and recap the Mickie/Daffney rivalry over the last few weeks. West says they still don't know the whole story about what happened last week. Cookie said she was the one who entered Daffney in the gauntlet battle royal, but he noticed that she never said anything about being the one who helped Daffney stage her elaborate sneak attack on Mickie. JB points out that this doesn't mean she didn't do it, but it doesn't necessarily mean she did either. West agrees -- Mickie still suspects Traci, but he thinks it could have been anyone.

Shifting gears, JB says that the Mickie/Daffney title match is coming up next week, and so far, Daffney has had Mickie's number. West remarks that Daffney exists "outside the box" and Mickie has never dealt with an opponent who's so damn unpredictable.

Mickie's music plays and she comes out to the stage with a mic. She says she's been going about this Daffney thing all wrong. Every time she goes looking for Daffney it ends badly for her. It seems like Daffney only shows up when she wants to, so tonight Mickie is just going to hang out and let Daffney come to her. She's going to hang out all over this place and she thought she'd start with the fans.

Mickie hops the rail and heads into the stands to hang out with the fans in the audience. As Mickie starts a "Daffney!" chant in the crowd, West wonders how hard she got hit on the head last week. JB says she's thinking outside the box like West said.

BACKSTAGE: Christy Hemme is with Jennifer Blade as she walks the halls. Jennifer said she got a big surprise when she arrived at the building and checked the runsheet for tonight -- she's been booked in a match against Tara. Jennifer never expected this to happen so soon because she thought she'd have to work her way up to someone like that. Excited, she says she's looked up to Tara for years and this is huge for her. She's looking for Tara so she can introduce herself before the match. She asks a stage hand where she is and he suggests she check catering.

We cut to the locker room where Sarita is beating the crap out of Trina Diaz, yelling that it's Trina's fault they lost the tag title match last week. She rams Trina's head into an open locker and slams the door on it. Then she does it again. And again. Sarita says she'll see her later tonight... if Trina can even make it to the ring.

We go to catering where Madison Rayne is eating at a table. Tara brings her a bottle of water. Madison takes one look, grabs the bottle and pours the water on the floor. Pissy, she says she wanted Evian, not Dasani. Tara says Dasani is all they had. "You're just full of excuses lately, aren't you?" Madison remarks snidely. Angry, Tara says if Madison wants an Evian, she'll find her an Evian. "Without the attitude, I hope," Madison reminds her.

The camera follows Tara as she walks back to the food table, muttering to herself. Jennifer approaches Tara and tries to politely introduce herself. Tara ignores her. Jennifer tries again and Tara yells at her to piss off because she has actual important things to do. She leaves Jennifer standing there as she goes to yell at the catering people to find her a damn bottle of Evian water.

We cut to the Beautiful People's dressing room where Angelina Love and Winter are being tended to by the makeup lady. Velvet Sky is heading out to the ring for a match. Angelina says that she and Winter are going out with her, but Velvet bitterly reminds her that they have a photo shoot to get ready for. Angelina says it's not a problem and they can finish when the match is over, but Velvet tells her not to bother. Velvet doesn't want Winter distracting her, and Winter and Angelina seem to be a package deal these days so Angelina might as well stay in the back too. Velvet says she'll handle this herself.

The camera lingers on Angelina as she watches Velvet leave the dressing room alone.

OUTSIDE THE ARENA: Mickie is with a crowd of fans. She speaks into a megaphone, asking them to make some noise if they want Daffney to show up.

iMPACT ZONE: Velvet makes her entrance. The announcers talk about her contract situation and West says that every match counts -- if Velvet wants to keep her job, she needs to start getting some notches in the win column.

BACKSTAGE: Serafina is waiting for her music to play. She says that she doesn't know Velvet and has never spoken to her. She's heard some good things about Velvet and some not so good things, but she knows Velvet hates Winter's guts, so she can't be all bad.

iMPACT ZONE: Serafina makes her entrance.


Again, Velvet does everything she can, but just doesn't seem to be thinking clearly.

WINNER: Serafina in 5:24

Velvet is furious with herself and throws a fit at ringside. West says she keeps letting her frustrations get the better of her and it's only making her situation worse.

Via split screen, we see Angelina watching this on a monitor backstage.

BACKSTAGE: Christy interviews Sarita as she gets warmed up for her match. Sarita says she was the first woman in TNA history to hold the Knockout tag team titles and was the best competitor to ever hold them. The problem is that she's never had a partner that's on her level. She says no one in this company can keep up with her so she keeps having to team with these lame ducks. She's pissed off that Trina cost her the chance to get her tag titles back and she's going to take that out on Trina tonight.

[SIDE NOTE: Mickie and Angelina/Winter were stripped of their titles, but won them back. In the storyline, their original title reigns were reinstated, so technically, this counts as one reign for each of them, not 2.]


BACKSTAGE: Trina is being checked out by TNA medical staff. Serafina walks in and asks how she's doing. Trina insists she's okay and there's no way she's pulling out of the match with Sarita.

We cut to Angelina & Winter doing a photo shoot with the tag titles for the website. Velvet walks in, still upset. Angelina tells the photographer to hold on a minute and goes to talk to her. She asks Velvet what that fit was all about. Velvet doesn't want to talk about it, but Angelina tells her to cut the crap. Velvet's had a bug up her ass for weeks, she's been snapping at people, getting pissed off about every little thing; obviously there's something wrong and Angelina presses her to just spit it out already.

Fed up, Velvet finally tells Angelina about her contract being up for review -- if she doesn't start winning some matches, she's going to be out of a job. Angelina is shocked to hear this and asks why Velvet never said anything about it to her.

"You were busy," Velvet mutters, gesturing to Winter. "I've got to go cool off. Enjoy your photo shoot."

Velvet leaves. Angelina just stands there, speechless.

We cut to Tara heading for the ring, still muttering to herself about Madison and her Evian water as JB hypes up Tara vs. Jennifer.

OUTSIDE THE ARENA: Mickie talks into her megaphone at a group of people in line for a roller coaster and gets them to chant, "We want Daffney!"

iMPACT ZONE: Jennifer Blade makes her entrance as the announcers discuss her performance in the battle royal last week. JB points out that she eliminated every woman in the match until Tara entered. West says that Tara seemed to flip a switch in Jennifer somehow and made her lose her confidence.

Tara makes her entrance looking like she's in a foul mood. Before the bell, Jennifer offers to shake hands, which Tara treats with scorn. Tara bats Jennifer's hand aside and nails her in the face.


Tara wastes no time and starts working Jennifer over. Jennifer offers little resistance.

JB says Tara's giving Jennifer no respect here and she's being pretty brutal, even for her. West says the Madison Rayne situation is probably on her mind and mentions that things between her and Tara have been pretty strained for the last few weeks. He thinks it's been building for a while, but Madison really put her guard up when Tara almost won the title shot last week. Madison has had Tara more or less in her pocket for months and she clearly wants to keep it that way, but it seems like Tara is starting to get fed up with it. He thinks Tara's itching to take out her anger on someone and Jennifer drew the short straw tonight.

JB talks about how aggressive Jennifer was in her debut last week, but that changed when Tara was added to the equation, and the same thing seems to be happening here -- she looked really fired up during her entrance, but now she just seems overly cautious and unsure of herself. West likens it to being nervous when you meet a celebrity. "I mean, if you got a chance to play ball with Lebron James, you'd probably be tripping all over yourself," he jokes.

The match is a glorified squash. Tara finishes it with the widow's peak.

WINNER: Tara in 2:49

Post-match, Tara wipes her feet on Jennifer and mocks her babyface mannerisms as she heads to the back.

Jennifer watches this, her face unreadable.

BACKSTAGE: Mickie is now at catering, still calling for Daffney. Cookie walks up to her and asks her what the hell she's doing. Mickie asks what it looks like she's doing. She says into her megaphone that the fans have spoken and they all want Daffney to show herself. She tells Daffney to come on out.


BACKSTAGE: Christy interviews Jennifer in the locker room. Jennifer is despondent and doesn't really know what to say about what happened tonight. "I kind of feel like an idiot right now," she says, depressed. "It's like you build someone up in your mind for so long, and then you meet them, but it turns out they're really not what you thought they'd be. And maybe that was my fault, maybe I was imagining things that weren't really there. I don't know. But I know I wasn't on my game tonight. If Tara thinks she got the best Jennifer Blade in that match, she's gonna think again pretty soon. I'm really down on myself right now, but I'll get over that. Next week, Tara's gonna have to deal with me again and it's not going to play out like it did tonight."

They air a Rough Cut video featuring Trina Diaz. She says she was picked on a lot as a kid because she was so small and she got into wrestling to learn how to be tough. Once she started, she was always the smallest person in the ring, so she had to be fearless or she'd get crushed in every match. She always sees herself as the underdog, but she refuses to back down to anyone.

We see Trina heading for the ring, still selling the beating from earlier. JB hypes up Sarita vs. Trina as we go to a break.


iMPACT ZONE: Sarita and Trina make their entrances as the announcers talk about how this match came about. JB says their partnership fell apart after 2 weeks. West says that when Trina got pinned in the tag title match last week, Sarita just snapped. It seems like Sarita's been obsessed with regaining the tag titles ever since.


Trina has a great showing and puts up a real fight, but she can't overcome the more experienced Sarita, who wins with a tigerbomb.

WINNER: Sarita in 8:37

JB & West put over Trina's effort. Sarita may have gotten the victory, but Trina didn't make it easy for her.

Sarita isn't finished. She attacks again and puts Trina in her submission hold, La Reienera (modified spinning backbreaker rack). Sarita locks on the hold and won't let go. She yells at Trina to say she's had enough. She yells at Trina to beg her to stop. At this point, Trina has passed out from the pain, but Sarita doesn't care. The referee tries to get Sarita to break the hold, but she refuses. Finally, the referee reverses the decision of the match.

WINNER: Trina Diaz in 8:37

Sarita still won't break the hold. JB says they need security out here before Trina is seriously injured.

Serafina runs down the ramp and hits the ring, forcing Sarita to finally break the hold. She tries to attack Sarita, but Sarita rolls out of the ring. They have a staredown as Sarita backs up the ramp.

The camera follows Sarita. She gets in real close and talks right into it. She says she's done with this kid gloves crap. She should have her tag team titles back right now, but Trina cost her that and she payed the price for it. Angelina lucked out when she finally found herself a decent partner after she ditched Velvet, and Sarita urges her to enjoy it while it lasts because she's only delaying the inevitable. "I've already got a new partner, Angelina," she says. "And we're going to be the tag team champions... sooner than you think!" Sarita finishes by spitting into the camera lens.

BACKSTAGE: Mickie is in the locker room, still with her megaphone, still calling for Daffney. She's not playing this bit for laughs anymore. Now she's very serious. She says Daffney is going to have to get in the ring with her next week whether she likes it or not. She can hide, but she can't run.

iMPACT ZONE: We hear Daffney's voice over the loudspeaker. She says Mickie has been looking for her all night, but she's been here the whole time. Mickie can make a joke out of this if she wants to, but this isn't a joke to Daffney. This is serious. "And if you want to know how serious I am, Mickie... let me show you."

Daffney walks out to the stage. She's dragging Brooke's unconscious body behind her. Brooke's face is covered with blood.

"You want me, Mickie?" she shrieks. "Here I am! Come get me!"

Moments later, Mickie charges out to the stage, and she and Daffney tear into each other like animals.

JB says Mickie vs. Daffney for the Knockouts title will happen next week, to which West adds, "...if they don't kill each other first!"


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