November 02, 2013


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Anonymous said...

So far, I'm REALLY digging Dixie Carter's heel work. She adds a much needed sense of AGENCY to the main event angles, something "GM" Hulk Hogan and that interminable Aces&Eights storyline never provided. (Usually, having a dominant heel carry the #1 belt for an extended period creates a compelling tension and can really focus the locker-room, eg. Bobby Roode, but ensconcing your top heel in a faction of under-ripe talent for 365+ days of unfocused loafing creates...uh...ah...far too visible merchandizing schemes?...blubber?...we're not sure...)

Much as I like this new Dixie, however, I still couldn't help but invent a new drinking game:
Every Time Dixie Says the Phrase "Guess What?" Take a Shot.