November 19, 2013

Ask FK... 02

Did you enjoy Ring Ka King? 

It had a certain charm. The wrestling wasn't always the greatest and the storylines were pretty basic, but it seemed like they did everything they possibly could to appeal to the indian audience. From my perspective, they did a good job. 

What your thoughts on the Possibilities of a Bromans vs Bad Influence fued, I'll be better than a Bad Influences vs American Wolves because at least the Bromans are Charismatic and know how to tell a story in the ring. 

Doesn't interest me. Just my opinion, but there's such a huge gap in terms of talent, skill and workrate (and experience in Godderz's case) that I just wouldn't be able to suspend my disbelief enough to think that the Bromance could hang with Bad Influence.

The Bromance have been written off as comic relief enhancement talent for so long now that asking us to take them seriously in any way is stretching it; until a few weeks ago, they couldn't win a match if their lives depended on it. Granted, Bad Influence have been getting jobbed out a lot too, but in their case it just seems ridiculous that they lose as much as they do, considering how good they are and all their prior accomplishments.

Do you think there is a problem when Robbie E gets out performed by his gf Brook Tessmacher?

I don't see why. They may be a couple in real life, but they've never been associated with each other on TV. If they were, it might be a different story, but they're not. Their characters don't fit together at all, so I really don't think it's an issue.

What would you think if Gabe Sapolsky was put in charge of Tna Creative?

No, thank you. Sapolsky's run booking ROH didn't seem to do anything significant to increase their business. Besides, with the way the industry and audience are changing, writers with more traditional wrestling sensibilities aren't going to cut it anymore. They need writers who think outside the box. All due respect to the man, but I just don't think Sapolsky is one of those people.

thoughts on dave meltzers 5 star matches?

Don't have any. I don't follow the Wrestling Observer, first of all. Second, I've long felt that the star rating system, being completely subjective, is a poor way to judge the quality of a match.

Isn't any judgment of a match subjective? What makes the rating system any different? If anything it makes it easier to distinguish between matches.

Technically, yes. I just feel like a star rating isn't an accurate way to judge how good a match is. It's basically taking the wrestling quality and reducing it to a number when there's a lot more to consider than just that.

Story-telling, psychology, how well it puts over a particular angle, stuff like that -- all these things effect how good a match is, but really don't have much bearing on the star rating system. That's why I don't put much stock in it. It's just too simplistic.

If I say that a match is 3-out-of-4 stars, that tells you nothing because a 3 star match to one person would be a 2 star match to another person and a 4 star match to somebody else. But if I explain the story the match told, what kind of psychology went into it, how the match effected the angle it's putting over, etc, that's going to give you a better understanding of how good the match really is, even if you don't necessarily agree with me.

Which route do you see TNA going with the AJ/Dixie storyline? I hope it's similar to the shoot where Heyman criticises Dixie and says TNA should focus on building their own stars with 1 or 2 older guys around. 

I think it's going to be art imitating life, with AJ being the voice of the long-time fans and Dixie being the fictionalized embodiment of many of their criticisms of her. It's still too early to tell where it's going to go, but if that's the route they're taking, there are certain people that will have to be on AJ's side and certain others that will have to be Dixie's side in order for it to make sense.

With Rob Terry touring japan on behalf of TNA do you think he will learn anything? and perhaps learn not to botch?

Honestly, I doubt it. TNA has put years into Rob Terry, waiting for him to improve enough to the point where they could push him the way a more talented big man with his size and look would get pushed, and they're still waiting. Sending him to Japan is a pointless exorcize because he's probably as good as he's ever going to get.

IMO, it's time for them to just cut their losses and get rid of him because I can't see them ever getting a return on their investment with this guy. It's taken him so long to make what little progress he's made and I simply don't think he's worth it. Rob Terry is just not that good. The money they're paying him would be better utilized elsewhere.

If they want a star from the UK in addition to the ones they have, they should release Rob Terry and use the money they were paying him to sign someone else. There are plenty of UK wrestlers that have more to offer than him: Marty Scurll, Noam Dar, Lionheart, Nikki Storm, Kay Lee Ray, etc.

What were your thoughts on Rosita when she was in TNA?

I felt pretty ambivalent. Didn't love her, didn't hate her. I thought she had a fair amount of charisma. She did well in the rare occasions when she got the opportunity to talk. However, she was really green and her size worked against her. TNA clearly didn't see much in her outside of the tag team with Sarita.

She was probably signed too early. Once she got more experience, I think she'd be capable of more than they let her do.

Did you send them your TKO series and other stories you written? They are really good! Hope you get the position!

Well, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. Like I said before, it's a huge long shot and I'm not expecting a response. Thank you, though. People have been really supportive and it's meant a lot to me.

I didn't use TKO as a writing sample. I love how TKO came out and I'm really proud of it. The problem is, in order to really appreciate the story, you kind of have to read it all the way through, and unfortunately it was just much too long. You can't expect the people looking over the applications to spend a couple hours reading that whole thing.

I wrote a partial spec script for an episode of iMPACT. At first, I had it in my head that I would write an entire 2 hour episode, but after about 10 pages I realized that this was also going to be too long, so I stopped there.

For variety's sake, I also sent a blog I wrote earlier this year about the company's evolving production to show that the technical aspects of the product weren't lost on me.

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