February 17, 2014

Getting To Know You: Santana Garrett

On Friday 2/14/14 we got confirmation that TNA had finally signed a new Knockout to a contract. We've seen teases recently that the company was looking to make additions to their horribly depleted women's roster with Candice LeRae and Cherry Bomb working TV matches against Gail Kim, and Alpha Female and Shanna making appearances on the UK tour, but have had no official word yet on whether or not any of them will be signed. It looks like this one is official.

While Santana Garrett wasn't my favorite of the girls they brought in for Knockouts Knockdown last year, I think TNA could do (and have done) a lot worse. Her promo skills are shaky and I think she needs to work on showmanship and involving the crowd more during her matches, but she is a good wrestler, and the Knockouts could certainly use more of those right about now. Frankly, any kind of fresh female face would be a boon at this point and Garrett is one of the better female prospects on the indy circuit these days. If you haven't seen her before, now's your chance to get familiar with the newest member of the Knockout division before she debuts, presumably some time after Lockdown.

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