September 25, 2012

Leave Kaitlyn Alone!!!

Internet wrestling "pundits" criticizing my imaginary GF's performance on RAW last Monday (I'm looking at you,!) really need to get a new hobby. Calling Kaitlyn a bad actor? Please. I could list any number of horrific Diva "acting" performances that were far worse than anything Kaitlyn has ever done. 

And saying she's not over? Well, no shit, Sherlock. In case you haven't noticed, NONE of the Divas are over. And after the way the division has been pissed on for the last few years, can you really blame them? The only Diva the fans give a rat's ass about right now is AJ, and she hasn't wrestled in the division for months. 

What I find funny is that these same same so-called critics seem awfully quick to praise Eve Torres who couldn't get crowd heat if her life depended on it for YEARS even after multiple pushes and title reigns. The fans barely noticed Eve was there until she screwed over Zack Ryder and got slut-shamed by John Cena. 

Kaitlyn wasn't given a chance to get over until a few weeks ago. This is the first time she's gotten pushed outside of NXT for crap's sake! Blaming her for not being over when the fans never had a reason to care about her until last month is just silly. 

Besides, the WWE fans have been conditioned by now to think that the Divas division is little more than their weekly piss break segment, so getting any of those women over at this point is going to require some real effort on the company's part. 

In closing, get over yourselves and leave my imaginary GF alone or feel my wrath. #TEAMK8LYN 

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