March 19, 2012

Random Reax

Samoa Joe & Magnus may have saved each other's careers
I've been seeing some people (not many, but enough to irritate me) in the comments section at TNAsylum lately who don't seem to be too happy about the fact that Magnus & Samoa Joe are now a tag team. I continuously wonder what these people are smoking if they haven't seen what an obvious boon this has been, not just to Magnus, but to Joe as well. But, hey, maybe I'm completely off base here and this pairing is a dead end. And because you people don't like it, I'm sure Magnus would be more than happy to ditch Joe and go back to doing... wait... remind me, what was Magnus doing before this tag team came along? Oh yeah, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Before the Wild Card tag team tournament put these two together, Magnus hadn't been on iMPACT WRESTLING in months! He was lucky if he could get an occasional match on Xplosion. He was doing nothing, going nowhere, and the only thing that appeared to be keeping management from cutting him was the fact that he's a hit with fans on the annual UK tour. Then along came Samoa Joe, they get put together and a scant few months later, they're wearing championship gold and just main evented the TV show with the world champion and the #1 contender.

Apparently it hasn't dawned on you yet, but Magnus (and Joe too, for that matter) wasn't exactly in a great position last year. Or the year before that. Both he and Joe were headed nowhere but down and needed something to help them out of the quagmire they were stuck in. This tag team did exactly that, and if you can't see this, then you are @#$%ing blind.

It baffles me that anyone out there sees being in a tag team as a bad thing. Sure, in WWE being put in a tag team is akin to being demoted, but TNA is not the WWE. TNA has put a lot of importance on their tag team division for years. And let's be honest, the tag team belts are the real 2nd tier championship in this company -- the TV title sure as hell isn't treated that way. Being in a tag team in TNA is something that can do wonders for a wrestler's career. A few years ago, Bobby Roode & James Storm were both floundering in their respective singles runs, so management put them together as a tag team and it worked out pretty damn well for them, didn't it?

Dixie Carter loves these 2 together and creative is obviously high on them right now.

What's more, Magnus is the top heel and current world champion in Ring Ka King. You know who writes Ring Ka King? Dave Lagana, the same guy who's writing iMPACT WRESTLING now. And guess what? He's a big fan of Magnus as well.

Magnus will have big things on the horizon with endorsements like that. Mark my words, this tag team is going to be a gateway to bigger things for both men. All the signs are there. If you don't like the tag team, well, then I pretty much think you're nuts and I can't help you. All I can do is strongly urge you to stop sniffing glue.

Jesse Sorensen's injury could mean big things for Zema Ion (and Jesse Sorensen)
I thought Alex Shelley should be the one to take the X-division title from Austin Aries and to an extant I still do. I also thought there was no way anyone was going to be able to eclipse him as the top heel in the X-division for a very long time. I've begun feeling differently.

I hate what happened to Jesse Sorensen. I don't like seeing wrestlers get hurt, and this was a really scary injury. And every time a wrestling company takes something like this and makes an angle out of it, I never feel completely at ease with it. Frankly, the practice always feels kind of tasteless to me. That said, I see why it's done -- because it's a really easy way of getting heat -- and in this case, Ion has the potential to get a hell of a lot of heat.

These video packages of Jesse Sorensen have been pretty heartbreaking. The guy is very lucky that he's expected to recover and even luckier that he'll apparently be able to return to wrestling once he does. Meanwhile, the writers have decided to have Zema Ion boast about breaking his neck. If there's anything that could make Ion a more hated heel than Austin Aries, it's something like this, and you can see it happening already.

Aries got a complete face reaction at Victory Road, and that match could have very well turned Aries face whether the writers originally intended it or not. Honestly, that might not be a bad way to go, all things considered. With the return of the Machine Guns now imminent, Alex Shelley is headed back to the tag division, so there are no other compelling babyfaces in the X-division. Besides, Aries is so damn popular as it is, a face turn for him was probably inevitable at some point anyway.

Just imagine if the Sorensen videos continue to air periodically, meanwhile Ion's push continues and he keeps boasting about he ended Jesse's wrestling career. And if Ion is the X-division champion when Sorensen finally makes his return, the feud writes itself from there. Provided Sorensen is able to come back at 100%, they'd have an angle on their hands that could make one of the most heated rivalries in the history of the company. And if/when Sorensen won the title from Ion, it would be a feel-good story that could make Jesse a star overnight.

Someone, anyone, please answer the following questions:
#1) How in the blue hell is Eric Young even eligible to compete for a women's championship in the first place?

#2) Why did ODB agree to be Eric's partner in this when she was the one who stopped Cody Deaner from becoming the Knockouts champion a while back because the ENTIRE WOMEN'S ROSTER, INCLUDING ODB HERSELF viewed it as a huge insult to them?

#3) Which member of the creative team had the idea to book this? I have a box of roadkill I'd like to send them.

#4) If the writers intend on making the Knockout tag titles nothing but a big joke, then why do those titles even still exist?

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readingfoxhound said...

I would love to take a crack at this fk9
1.because tna doesn't care to be logical when two wrestlers are over. It wears thin on me too at times but the crowds love them so go figure.
2 ODB is just happy to have a job. Remember she left after the Hogan regime tookover and displayed her displeasure for what was considered by Hogan to be white trash characters have no business in wrestling but Orlando Jordan dumping fake jizz was. SHe was over and if hogan was that concerned for her he should of updated the character.
3 It could of been Russo before he left seeing as how they were getting pushed before he left.
4 for the same reason why the television title exists to be a prop for mediocrity I honestly believe that TNA views anything not X world tag or knockout single title as not important enough to focus on. So why not joke them up. I personally feel that they have more than enough women to push a tag division and still have two women fight over the singles title. but i'm just a fan.
I feel the same for Magnus and Joe that it beats sitting at home.