May 27, 2011

TNAsylum Spin Cycle 5/26/11

1. What are your thoughts on TNA Lockdown 2011 and TNA Sacrifice 2011? Which one did you like better?

Talon- Ever since Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have come on board, the quality of PPVs have dropped over the course of this past year and a half! There haven’t been any real stellar PPVs even though some are higher on the charts than others. A good definition for what TNA does for its PPVs are: “its good enough to entertain TNA Fans but not good enough to capture new ones.”

Lockdown had its share of quality matches and moments but I personally enjoyed Sacrifice more. We had a good match between Kazarian and Max Buck and a few memorable moments for the return of Chris Harris and Chyna. While these PPVs don’t hold up to ones from years ago, I enjoy them for different reasons.


Irish Yid- I'd have to say I liked Lockdown better, but only just. My only problem with Lockdown this year is that it didn't feel as big as previous years. I put this down to the fact that TNA didn't use the PPV to end feuds like they did in the past. The Angle vs Jarrett feud continued. The Immortal vs Fortune feud is still going. Any other PPV, bar Bound For Glory, I wouldn't have a problem, but with your two big PPVs, you've set up in the past that they are the places where feuds end and so, when you don't do that, people become unhappy. Sacrifice was an alright PPV. Some matches really stood out like Max Buck Vs Kazarian and Abyss Vs Crimson. Other let me down though. RVD Vs Sting was just last year's Slammiversary main event all over again and still wasn't as long as I would have liked. Also, I didn't like the ending to the AJ Styles Vs Tommy Dreamer match for the pure fact that every time I see Dreamer go to hit a piledriver, I think he's going to kill someone. It was also nice to see Chris Harris and Chyna back, but hopefully they are on one shot deals as I see nothing that they add, that other members of the roster, or who are on the independents for less, do not.


FK9- Tough call. During the shows, I enjoyed Lockdown more. Typically, Lockdown is my favorite PPV of the year because, even if the show is horrendous, at the very least, you get the X-division Xcape match and Lethal Lockdown, which are pretty much guaranteed to be a lot of fun. And Lockdown did have better matches than Sacrifice -- Angle/Jarrett, Xcape and Lethal Lockdown were better than anything on the Sacrifice card. But now that I look back on both of them, I kind of like Sacrifice more. I found both shows enjoyable, but bear in mind, Lockdown is one of TNA/iMPACT Wrestling's biggest shows of the year. Lockdown shouldn't just be enjoyable; it should be AWESOME. Expectations are higher for Lockdown, and while it certainly wasn't the worst PPV this company has put on lately, it didn't do what I wanted it to do, which is knock me on my ass.

By comparison, Sacrifice was another one of those middle of the road PPVs we've become so accustomed to since Hogan/Bischoff showed up -- nothing terrible, nothing great. But seeing as how the build up was so underwhelming for Sacrifice, it didn't really have to do much to live up to expectations because expectations were low to begin with. This was a throwaway PPV and we all knew it. I watched Sacrifice hoping for nothing more than to see a couple good matches and that's what I got. Plus, they actually threw us a bone and gave us a decent world title match with a clean finish for a change.

A bit confusing, I admit, but ultimately, while I do think Lockdown was a better show, due to build up, expectations and a bunch of other factors, I kind of remember Sacrifice more fondly in the long run.


Austin- I’ll start of by saying I think so far 2011 PPV’s have topped 2010’s by a long shot. It was actually rare that I walked away from a PPV feeling satisfied in 2010, sad to say. While I think Lockdown is a great concept, it usually just doesn’t do it for me, it’s enjoyable and I thought this years was much better than last years, but it’s just not really my style, I like to see some diversity in my PPV’s so seeing 9 cage matches in a row doesn’t really give me my wrestling fill. They’re good shows but overall they have never been my favorite, so my opinion may be a little biased but I thoroughly enjoyed Sacrifice far more than Lockdown. Sacrifice had a strong backbone and benefited from it. The two great things about these shows were the fact that they both featured some of the best X-Division matches we’ve seen in a long time.


JSO- Lockdown was a solid effort but I didn’t like that the majority of the matches were either cluttered or overbooked. On top of that, there were only two title matches on that card. Sacrifice was very casual and simple like last year’s edition, but it was just an average show without any notable standout matches. As a whole, I liked Sacrifice better for its consistency and pacing throughout the entire night.

2. IMPACT Wrestling and the rebranding, your thoughts?

Talon- This rebranding can be broken down into two elements: the renaming to Impact Wrestling and the “Wrestling Matters” marketing campaign.

I am an advocate for this name change as I feel “IMPACT Wrestling” is simpler and clearer than TNA Wrestling. I don’t believe TNA has done a good enough job clarifying whether TNA was changing its name or if it was just the show. The one thing I really enjoy about the name change is the new look for the Impact Wrestling Zone. The blue is easier on the eyes and the set just looks more professional. The “Wrestling Matters” campaign is what people are going to get stuck on. TNA have made no major attempts to change their product to the point that this catchphrase might fit. I know what TNA means when they say “Pro Wrestling and not Sports Entertainment” but most fans will think of it as in-ring action. With that said, the promos for the “Wrestling Matters” campaign have been pretty cool.

In the long run I believe we will see the TNA initials being dropped completely while TNA (the company) becomes IMPACT Wrestling once and for all.


Irish Yid- I like the new set and stuff. But the show just sort of feels like more of the same, although recently that hasn't been a bad thing. Storylines have been progressing logically and I really cannot wait for Slammiversary on June 12th.


FK9- I like the new graphics, the new lighting and the new look of the iMPACT Zone. It seems like they're trying, but they have to do more than that. They can't settle for putting up a couple billboards in areas where no one will ever see them and call that a rebranding. And they can talk all they want about how "Wrestling Matters", but as long as they're still booking the show as if it doesn't, no one is going to buy it.

The fact of the matter is, for the last several years, they've been booking this show as if wrestling is by far the least important thing about the product. If they really want us to believe that wrestling matters, that is going to have to change. They're in a position where they have to completely reeducate the audience on how wrestling in this company works. They have to treat the matches as if they're more than just something to fill time between promos and backstage segments. They have to treat the wrestling as if it actually means something, the matches have to be given enough time to tell the story they need to tell, there has to be more clean finishes and it has to actually matter who wins and loses, and HOW those people win and lose. Unless they can do that, it's not going to work and we may just end up tossing "Wrestling Matters" on top of "Cross the Line" on the pile of marketing campaigns that ultimately lead to absolutely nothing.


Austin- I’m excited to see where it takes us. Hopefully this is the beginning of a turn around for TNA as they may have realized that trying to compete with WWE may have not been their smartest strategy. In 2010 we witnessed TNA try so desperately hard to become what WWE was. Now from (hopefully) breaking away from that they will focus more on wrestling and attract the audience that craves WRESTLING. WWE fans are WWE fans, they’re not always wrestling fans. With that being said the wrestling fans are dying for a place where they can get their fix without having to buy loads of ROH and PWG DVDs. This is TNA’s job. Don’t become WWE, become the alternative.


JSO- The rebranding into Impact Wrestling is a noble approach, but it still needs some more tweaks to fully adjust to its new direction. Aside from a few questionable booking decisions and the excessive blue color scheme, the first episode followed a good rhythm with a good chunk of the segments taking place inside the ring in a simple, effective manner. I’m glad the wrestling aspect of the show is starting to feel more significant instead of being treated as just a mere formality for the storylines. I expect the entire package to be more refined as time passes.

3. If TNA truly starts to focus on more wrestling, and also on younger talent, who are some candidates for break-out star of the year in your eyes?

Talon- TNA has obviously been focusing on Crimson, Bobby Roode, and Gunner more recently. I could see Roode being a main eventer within the next twelve months. Crimson is a guy that has potential to be huge for TNA if they don’t screw him up. I actually enjoy the fact that TNA is focusing on different characters than trying to elevate the same ones they have attempted over the past few years.


Irish Yid- Crimson and Gunner. These two guys have it. We know that they are definitely high on Crimson as he got a clean pinfall win on PPV of Hogan's golden boy, Abyss. He also has this undefeated streak going for him, which has led him onto a collision course with Samoa Joe, who had an eighteen month streak of his own. I hope that they keep this streak going on for while, and when it is ended, it's ends cleanly, perhaps against someone like Gunner or another up-and-coming star. Gunner hasn't really been given time to talk, but he does hold the TV title. I feel that even without the mic, Gunner has been able to get over somewhat of a character, someone who does not like having to deal with idiots (I'm talking to you, Eric Young). If he is given some time on the mic, I feel he could really get the audience interested in his character.


FK9- Crimson, Bobby Roode, Crimson, possibly Matt Morgan and Crimson. Also Crimson. Did I mention Crimson? Crimson is one of the only guys on the roster that really stands out right now. He's one of the only people whose character hasn't been mishandled or damaged by bad booking and writing (ex. Pope). He's one of the only people that I'm genuinely excited to see every week. Plus, it helps that management really seems to be behind him -- if they went so far as to give him a clean, meaningful win over Hogan's golden boy, Abyss, on PPV, then you know they must freaking LOVE this guy. And I'm glad for that because Crimson is a star. Whatever that intangible X-factor is, he's got it. He's gaining momentum, the fans are starting to get behind him. Yeah, he seems a little green and he's still growing as a performer, but he has all the tools and, in time, he's going to be really big. Crimson has "future main eventer" written all over him as long as they don't screw it up.

TNA need to be careful not to break up Beer Money too soon, since there are just no teams good enough to take over their spot as linchpin of the tag division right now, and judging by Chris Harris' performance at Sacrifice, AMW isn't a really viable option either. When the MCMG are back and healthy again, then it will be time to start seriously discussing it. Until then, both Storm & Roode need to stay where they are. But when that time does come, I don't see how they can avoid giving Bobby Roode a shot at being a top singles competitor. He's showing more and more signs that he's starting to outgrow the tag team division and they've obviously been grooming him for this for a while now, with his terrific promos on Jarrett and Hogan really separating him from the pack. His previous singles run didn't work for me, but he's definitely learned some things since then, and frankly, I don't think he's going to get more ready than he is now.

Matt Morgan's a wait and see at the moment. More than anyone except maybe Ken Anderson, this guy makes me believe that he wants the world title and wants it bad. I think the time is coming that management is going to have to crap or get off the pot with Morgan. All he talks about is being the world champion and the never-ending series of roadblocks they put in front of him (ex. Hernandez, Steiner) feel increasingly redundant the longer they go on. I think 2011 is going to be a make-or-break year for Matt Morgan. They need to pull the trigger on him and they need to do it soon, or else he may turn into another guy who they waited too long to put the belt on, and when they finally got around to it, it was too late.


Austin- Well, obviously Crimson, anyone who gets a win over God’s gift to wrestling Abyss (sarcasm) must have something going for him. I hope when his match with Joe happens that it really is going to be spectacular. Joe and Crimson are both crazy agile for their size, so this makes it really interesting. I have a feeling this match will go under the “Best of ‘11” category for TNA, but honestly I still haven’t seen what I’m looking for in Crimson, but I’m in high hopes that this feud with Joe will elevate both men, regardless of who comes out victorious.

Other names are Bobby Roode (Two words, Awesome & finally!) and Gunner, I enjoyed Gunner’s backstage segments last week and thought he almost pulled of an Edge like persona, which would be cool. He’s got acting skills it would seem, we need to see this guy pushed to his limits but he may have what it takes to make it at least somewhere in TNA.

The last names I’d like to mention are Brian Kendrick and Max Buck. Brian Kendrick has some of the best mic work TNA has ever had their hands on, and it looks like they finally realized it. Not to mention it shows he has dedication because I doubt he’s able to come up with that stuff off the top of his head and I doubt Russo could write anything remotely as cool as those things, so that leads me to believe Kendrick is writing out his own promos, which is cool. Kendrick could step it up in the ring a little because he doesn't feel as awesome as I remember him being in WWE, but at least TNA finally realized who exactly they have on their hands.

Max Buck has a certain charisma about him that I think can take him places in the X-Division. Not to mention he’s just a damn wrestling prodigy. I discovered The Young Bucks in a PWG DVD I had purchased and right after I started watching a bunch of their matches they got signed to TNA deals! I was so excited when they debuted on iMPACT to defeat the Guns. (The freaking Guns!) I flipped out I was so happy. Generation Me is something I hope TNA never drops the ball on, because they are two of the most talented athletes the X-Division and the Tag Team division has to offer.


JSO- Without a doubt, Bobby Roode has to be at the top of the list. From what I’ve seen and heard from him lately, Roode has the potential to succeed where Jay Lethal failed as an ordinary yet dynamic performer in the long run. Kazarian also falls into this category because it feels like he has more confidence now in his overall skills to try to surpass what he did in 2007-08. Crimson is another guy to watch for obvious reasons. His intensity alone is awesome and he looks pretty sharp in the ring to boot.

4. What are your thoughts on the current X-Division angle?

Talon- So far so good! I wondered for the longest time why TNA didn’t do with the X Division what they do with the Knockouts and run multiple angles at once, one for the belt and one over a feud. That way it makes the title feel more important. TNA used to always just throw a bunch of guys without any characters or storyline attachment into a match and expected the fans to care about their highspots.

While I can’t say I care a huge deal about some of the players involved, I like the interaction with the main players like Immortal and Abyss. This feud should spotlight the division temporarily while hopefully building the characters of the guys involved for the long term.


Irish Yid- I'm really liking it. People have been complaining about how it is just a burial of the X Division; but to me, it is clearly Wrestling Booking 101. You beat down the babyface(s) until, it looks like there is almost no hope, until we have that great comeback and we all celebrate at the end. With the release of the poster for Destination X, it looks like we will be getting the six sided ring back for a night, that I expect to be full of Immortal Vs X Division matches. If this angle gives the X guys more TV time, then I'm all for it; but if there is no payoff of Bischoff getting his ass beat, I'll be disappointed.


FK9- Good idea; horrible execution. I see this angle failing for the same reason the MEM/Frontline feud failed. The purpose of it may be to ultimately vindicate the X guys, but the process of getting them to that point is so incredibly damaging, that if/when they finally do get put over, no one is going to care. How on earth is anyone supposed to take Generation Me seriously ever again after they've been beaten clean by Eric Bischoff? Max & Jeremy can take the MCMG to the limit for the tag team titles, but they can't even beat Matt Hardy and a non-wrestler in a fair match, free of interference? 3-time X champion, Amazing Red, can't even last 60 freaking seconds against Samoa Joe? Fans aren't going to rally behind them with booking like this because they look like they have absolutely NO chance. The X-division looks like a complete joke; the problem is no one's laughing.

If Red had a good, competitive match with Joe before he lost, it would have been different. If GenMe had been put in a handicap match against 3 or 4 Immortal members, plus Bischoff, put up a great fight, but just got overwhelmed by the numbers advantage, and THEN got pinned by Bischoff, it would have been different. But that's not what happened.

This was the last thing the X-division needed. They'd already been booked like they didn't matter for so long that a lot of the audience had started to believe it, then the writers do this and basically confirm what people were already beginning to think. They needed to be made to look strong before something like this was done. They needed to be made to look like stars who were being held down by a narrow-minded egomaniac who just didn't "get it". Instead, the writers made it seem like Bischoff was right to dismiss them because they're nothing but a bunch of meaningless chumps. How the hell do you come back from that? At this point, I don't see how Destination-X can possibly be an all X-division show. If that really is the plan, then I have no clue how this is supposed to entice people to order it, because right now, the X-division looks like something Bischoff scraped off the bottom of his shoe. FAIL!


Austin- So far I’ve been okay with it, I was royally pissed when I read the spoilers about Abyss winning the title, but that was the point. Hopefully this’ll do more good than harm for these guys but I have little faith in the way this is going to be executed, just the way it is. That’s really all I have to say about it. The X-Division doesn’t deserve to be treated like scrubs when they are the most talented people on the roster. Hopefully TNA knows this.


JSO- I’m not too thrilled about this angle, but at the same time I’m intrigued to see if this batch of X Division guys can actually pull this off and look like convincing stars after all is said and done. The previous attempts against Kevin Nash and Team 3D were poorly executed, but having someone as eccentric as Brian Kendrick as their spokesperson makes it a little more distinct this time around. If this angle somehow doesn’t pan out the way it’s supposed to by the time Destination X rolls around, then maybe they should bill the PPV as “the last stand” and retire the X Division that night.

5. Sting or Mr. Anderson for the belt at Slammiversary? Why?

Talon- Mr. Anderson all the way. TNA has built up this title win for the past five months and the only thing that makes sense is to give it to Anderson. On many occasions, TNA won’t give the proper payoff to a storyline and will do something funky and therefore ruin the moment. Anderson has been bitching and moaning about not getting his one on one rematch and his match at Slammiversary will be that rematch. I could see Anderson going completely heel at Slammiversary and defend the title through the Summer months while Sting focuses on Hogan leading into Bound For Glory.


Irish Yid- Mr Anderson definitely and for a number of reasons.

1) TNA needs a world champ who can deliver a 15 to 20 minute world title match on PPV. At his age, Sting cannot

2) The Tyler Black problem. ROH waited so long to put the belt on Tyler Black that fans did not care as much when he eventually won it. I know Ken has already held the title, but it was only for four weeks. I feel that if TNA do not put the belt on Ken at Slammiversary, then the opportunity is gone, especially with either Jarrett or Angle getting the next title shot after that.

3) He is the perfect tweener at the moment, meaning that pretty much any TNA wrestler, face or heel, can work with him.


FK9- The weirdest thing about this for me is that Anderson has a legit gripe. He's the former champion, he's entitled to a one-on-one rematch, he has it in his contract, but he's never gotten it for reasons that are highly suspect. That really makes me want to support Anderson, and yet it seems like they want us to side with Sting, which, all things considered, really makes no sense. Sting was the guy who bailed on Dixie Carter when she was begging for his help, Sting was the guy who waltzed back into the company after being away for months and was basically handed the world title on a silver platter despite doing nothing to deserve it, Anderson is the one who is getting continuously shortchanged and frustrated, and yet Sting is somehow being portrayed as the good guy in this situation. Just try to figure that one out. And if you can, please explain it to me.

This storyline with Anderson has been built up so long that I don't see how you can have him not win the title at Slammiversary. That being said, I don't think he will. I hate to say it, but I honestly think they're going to roll with Sting as the world champion until Bound for Glory. This company just seems to think Sting is the biggest star of all time, and I don't understand that for the life of me because the ratings seem to indicate the exact opposite. Sting came back and won the title at the Fayetteville iMPACT on 3/04/11. That particular show scored very well, but aside from the usual fluctuations typically found when looking at ratings trends over time, the numbers have been dropping ever since.

Without rounding up or down, the Fayetteville show scored a 1.36. Since then, the ratings have gone like this: 1.25, 1.28, 1.23, 1.2, 1.2, 1.14, 1.17, 1.09, 1.15, 1.27, 1.17 (Source: They finally crawled back up to a 1.27 on the 5/12/11 show (most likely due to the much hyped reveal of the network representative), but still, that's a slippery slope they've been on lately. They haven't broken the 1.3 mark since Fayetteville. You can certainly lay a lot of the blame at the feet of the creative team, but Sting has his part in this too. The segments he appears in tend to do well in the ratings, but viewership in general has gone down, showing that overall interest in the show has dropped. How is this not at least partially Sting's fault? If a football team is on a losing streak, do you blame the equipment manager, or do you blame the quarterback?

I don't know why this company has such an attachment to Sting. I'm not saying he doesn't bring in viewers or sell merchandise, but they've built the show around him as the world champion and the results just aren't there. The diehard Sting fans still show up to see him, but he's not attracting new viewers, which is what they need. Nevertheless, I do think he's going to retain at Slammiversary because, in the minds of the people who matter most in this company, Sting is just the greatest thing ever. And unfortunately, I don't see that changing any time soon.


Austin- Mr. Anderson, obviously. TNA needs a real champion, especially if wrestling matters. Sting can’t wrestle. He’s the oldest active talent on TNA’s roster unless you count Ric Flair, and you don’t see TNA pushing Flair for the championship. TNA needs to realize the Sting boat has sailed and even though he’s a draw and moves merch, that doesn’t make him a champion, it makes him marketable. Mr. Anderson is in the spotlight and needs to be TNA champion. He needs to be having those matches that take him to his limits. Mr. Anderson is just as marketable as Sting, and is capable of putting on great matches. Sting needs to lose the belt anyway so we can get the debacle that is Hogan vs Sting over with already.


JSO- Anderson should definitely win the belt at Slammiversary. After everything he endured just to get this one-on-one title shot, he can’t exactly afford to lose this match. There’s not much more Sting can do at this point besides finish what he started with Hogan, while there are still many different possibilities with Anderson as the champion. The timing also couldn’t be any better because Anderson ’s title win would go hand-in-hand with the notion of a new beginning in TNA/Impact Wrestling.

6. What is your opinion on 2011 thus far opposed to 2010 for TNA?

Talon- 2010 and 2011 were two completely different stories. 2010 was about the major changes Hogan and Bischoff were bringing into TNA and the War on Monday Nights. Around this time last year, TNA was running back to Thursdays after failing on Mondays. There was a bit of excitement in 2010 about the possibilities but with every major move (signing Flair, Anderson, RVD etc) there was a stupid move (The Band, Lockbox Challenge, Nasty Boys, Bubba the Love Sponge, Awesome Kong). I loved many things about early 2010 which is what we are measuring but it was really the only time in history that TNA was known as a failure.

2011 isn’t as big for TNA since they are in the spotlight like they were the previous year. I think realistically this was better for the company since they needed to be put in their place. This year is about delivering shows in your lane without hyping the hell out of things. Unfortunately with a lot of the great moments (Fortune’s turn, the return of Sting, Fayetteville, the Impact Wrestling rebranding) you will get a Hardy Incident, or a 3.3.11 video. TNA just needs to stay focused throughout the year and slowly but surely they will build their audience.

Out of the two years I will say 2010 was much more exciting while this year has been more relaxed but much more realistic for the company.


Irish Yid- Last year was all new. So the things that Hogan and Bischoff were doing were annoying me, such as no longer having the King Of The Mountain match at Slammiversary; while this year I knew that we wouldn't be getting this match at Slammiversary. Also, this year we are seeing guys like Gunner, Crimson and Anderson
pushed; whereas this time last year it was all about Sting, RVD and Hogan, and the Deception storyline.

Overall, 2011 has been better, in my opinion, because Hogan and Bischoff have realized they don't have to be the main event attraction every week, although I would like to see an episode of Impact Wrestling that doesn't start with an Immortal promo.


FK9- Which year has been better? That's a tricky question.

Business-wise, 2011 has already been a big step up, simply because things they've attempted -- like the Fayetteville shows -- have actually worked out, unlike the Monday Night iMPACT experiment, which they still have egg on their face for. Creatively, it's a mixed bag, though. Honestly, the Jeff Hardy debacle, the unfortunate shelving of the MCMG due to injuries and the recent burial of the X-division under the supposed pretense of putting it over would have been enough to sway my vote in 2010's favor if that year hadn't been so damn painful.

The MCMG's tag team title reign was a shining beacon of light in the darkness last year, but let's face it... 2010 sucked. My worst nightmare came true: TNA signed Hogan & Bischoff. And in very short order, nearly everything I was afraid would happen happened. Hogan's buddies? Hired (most of them are gone now, thank Christ). Knockout division? Ruined. Home grown stars? Shoved back down the ladder. Writing and booking? An absolute mess 95% of the time, sinking to depths both stupid (Abyss and the magic ring of power) and completely incomprehensible (Hogan & Bischoff getting away with stealing the company from Dixie Carter even though the evidence of their crime was shown on national television). And then there was the Monday Night iMPACT experiment...

2011 hasn't been brilliant by any stretch of the imagination. But so far... yeah, it's been an improvement. That's not saying a whole lot, but it's something. And if 2011 finally sees the end of this interminable Immortal takeover angle... well, let's not jinx it.


Austin- 2011 has been a huge improvement in my opinion. There were some points in 2010 where I thought TNA was doomed, I know it’s a cliché thing to say, but when you completely embarrass yourself by moving to monday nights and start having less than a million people watching, boy that’s hard to bounce back from. Even at the beginning of 2011 I thought the PPV’s had improved, minus the Jeff Hardy incident I’ve walked away satisfied every time, which I can NOT say about 2010 PPV’s. Hopefully IMPACT wrestling will continue to improve and grow, and never go back to the dark days of 2010... never.


JSO- 2011 has been pretty shaky thus far, mostly because of some rather dull storylines. Stuff like Joe/Pope, Mickie/Madison, and Angelina/Winter (to name a few) have been either incredibly lackluster or just plain silly. Not to mention the Victory Road main event incident was such a depressing moment for an otherwise decent PPV. There were still some good shows here and there, but the overall product this year hasn’t been that impressive yet. Compared to last year, the matches/storylines haven’t been too exciting, the heavyweight & tag team divisions in particular are not as energetic as before, and Xplosion has become nothing more than a mini replay of Impact with only one new match per show.


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