October 15, 2010

"We wish you the best in your future endeavors..."

A few days ago, I sent an email to Newton Gimmick of TNAwrestlingnews.com inquiring why none of the KNOCKED OUT columns I had sent him in the last 2 months had been posted on the site yet. I was informed by him that the site was going in a new direction, they were trying out some new columnists and my services would no longer be required.

Wow... thanks for the head's up there, Newt.

So after many insightful editorials about the ladies of TNA, it appears my time writing about them and their various triumphs and pratfalls has come to an end. I hope my readers enjoyed the most recent Month In Review column, as that and all other KNOCKED OUT installments have been discontinued as of now.

Truth be told, I'm not as broken up about this as you might think. I'd been writing that column for quite a while now and frankly, my interest had begun to wane since the Knockout division had transformed into the Beautiful People Tits & Ass Variety Show occasionally guest starring the Knockouts that can actually wrestle.

Plus, my relationship with TNAwrestlingnews had become a bit strained. I would write a column, send it in and it wouldn't be posted for weeks, if it was posted at all. As you can imagine, this can be very aggravating if the topic of the column is time-sensitive. This is why I submitted the 'Lacey Von Erich Must Be Stopped' column to TNAsylum.com.

I have a good relationship with Talon Thorne. He's always been very cool to me and I'd already written several blogs for that website and every single one of which was posted within mere hours of being submitted. Timeliness -- what a concept!

And thus ends my relationship with TNAwrestlingnews. Newton Gimmick wasted no time in finding a new writer for the KNOCKED OUT column, the first installment of which is posted right now. After reading it, I can see why this guy was chosen. His slant on TNA as well as the current state of the Knockouts is obviously much more in keeping with Newton Gimmick's opinion than mine is at this point. More on this later...

Anyhoo... Now that that's over with, I am pleased to announce that effective immediately, I will be joining the team at TNAsylum.com. They'd asked me to be a contributor on their site a few times before, but I had to decline due to my loyalty (apparently misplaced) to TNAwrestlingnews. Since that's not a factor anymore, there's no longer anything stopping me from signing up.

I'm very excited about this move. Not only have I been given access to the site so I can post my columns at my own leisure, but Talon Thorne has pretty much given me free reign to write about whatever topic I want. And I will not be, shall we say... handcuffed when it comes to expressing my opinions that might not necessarily reflect the opinions of certain others (cough). Of course, I'll continue to discuss the Knockout division when I have something I want to say about it, but I'm no longer restricted to just that. Now NO ONE is safe! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

So, while I am a bit irked about my sudden dismissal from TNAwrestlingnews, I suppose I have to thank Newton Gimmick because if it weren't for him hiring me in the first place, I wouldn't have this new opportunity at a new site that, quite honestly, suits me much better considering my views on TNA have changed somewhat in recent times. Onward and upward, bitches!

So I invite all my readers to check out my new column at the Asylum, the first installment of which will be posted very soon. I'll certainly continue posting all my stuff here, but now I have a new home away from home and I'm pretty happy about it.

Peace. Out.

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