July 06, 2010

QCW finds a new home!

As many of you know (those of you that care anyway), QCWradio left the Angry Marks podcast network a few months ago due to creative differences with Stevie J. Since then, we've been limited to blogtalkradio.com without a site to host us.

Well, it was announced just last night on QCWradio episode 87 that the show has found a new home at superfriendsuniverse. This site is the brain child of Chessarmy & Big_D and has been in the works for quite a while, though they did neglect to inform me that they were working on it (grrrrr).

So starting right now you can listen to and download QCWradio at our new home, superfriendsuniverse.com, soon to be the most kick-ass podcasting website in all the interwebs!

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