May 03, 2010

Generic, Thy Name Is Madison

At Lockdown, Beautiful People member, Madison Rayne, won the Knockout's championship. It was a move greeted with skepticism by some, ambivalence by others. There were people like me who thought that putting the belt on her at that time and under those circumstances was absolutely idiotic.

There were also some people who were apparently intrigued by the title change and thought Madison Rayne as the champion could be a good thing.

Now read on as I completely PWN those people.

First, I will give one positive about this situation. Madison is a first-time singles champion so, regardless of how any of us feel about it, this is a new direction that they're going in. And a new direction was badly needed with Angelina and Tara seemingly having a stranglehold on the top of the Knockout food chain for months.

Yes, they needed to add some new blood to the singles title picture, especially given the breaking news that Tara will probably be leaving the company soon. But they picked the wrong woman to do it with and that's the problem.

Let me show you what I mean by briefly examining each member of the current Knockout roster:

-DAFFNEY- the crazy goth.

-TARA- the MMA-trained former Diva.

-SARITA- the Candian-born, Mexican-bred lucha libre high flier.

-ODB- the beer-swilling party animal.

-HAMADA- the hardcore Japanese import.

-ANGELINA LOVE- the hot blonde with great mic skills and a vendetta against the Beautiful People.

-VELVET SKY- the hot blonde (also with great mic skills) who hates Angelina and leads the Beautiful People.

-LACEY VON ERICH- the hot blonde exhibitionist who is really stupid.

-TAYLOR WILDE- the hot blonde super athlete who can really wrestle.

Which leaves us with...

-MADISON RAYNE- the hot blonde who lacks Velvet's strong mic skills and Lacey's willingness to take her clothes off for ratings, who can wrestle, but not as well as Angelina and nowhere near as well as Taylor.

See what I mean? I don't know how TNA's decision-making process lead them to this, but somehow, someway, in their efforts to push the Beautiful People harder than ever, they have managed to put the Knockout singles title on the most generic woman in the entire company. Just look at that list! Madison Rayne is literally the only Knockout on the current roster that doesn't stand out in some way.

All the others -- love them or hate them -- each have something about them that is unique. Madison doesn't; she just fades into the crowd which, if you'll recall, was a concern I had about her back when she was originally hired. She's not bad on the mic, but she's not great. She's not bad in the ring, but she's not great. Her character is essentially Velvet Sky without the luster. There is simply nothing about Madison Rayne that is special. Then there's the little fact that she hardly ever won matches prior to winning the title and was used primarily as enhancement talent, now making her the least credible woman to ever hold that belt.

Not that I'm suggesting that putting the title on Velvet or Lacey would have been a better choice; God no! As I said, Madison can wrestle decently, which puts her firmly ahead of Velvet and Lacey in my book. But in terms of pure uniqueness, Madison Rayne is at the bottom of the Knockout ladder. This, combined with her complete lack of credibility, IMO, makes her an unfit champion.

I just thought that needed pointing out.

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