April 18, 2010

Previewing Lockdown 2010 1.5


Leave it to TNA to announce an addition to the Lockdown card after I finished my whole write up on it, another addition to the card later in the week, and THEN have it be reported that there might need to be changes made to the already existing matches. This company seems awfully unorganized, but that's another blog for another day.

Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm

Storm would get a great rub from beating Van Dam here and Van Dam really wouldn't get anything out of beating Storm. But since I'm sticking by what I said in part 1 of this blog -- that Team Flair should go over in Lethal Lockdown -- it makes sense for RVD to go over and establish some momentum for Team Hogan so it will look all the more impressive when the heels pick up the victory.

Who should win: Rob Van Dam

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Brian Kendrick & Homicide

How about that. The Guns get a Lockdown spot after all. I suppose this is better than nothing, although I still think they got completely screwed over when their tag title shot got pissed away on iMPACT instead of on this show. Anyway, this one is academic. Sabin & Shelley are an established team and Kendrick & Homicide are 2 randomly paired singles wrestlers. Since the Guns already lost a match to 2 randomly paired singles wrestlers last Monday, they really need to get their heat back.

Who should win: MCMG

"PWR has learned that Sean Waltman and Doug Williams will not be at TNA Lockdown Tonight.

Waltman wrestled for GLCW in Milwaukee last night and was overheard telling people that he was not going to St. Louis and would not be at TNA Lockdown Tonight. We can confirm that Waltman was not immediatly en route to St. Louis after leaving Milwaukee today. We do not know why he is not being brough in for his scheduled match. Waltman has been advertised to team with Scott Hall to take on Team 3D.

Doug Williams is currently overseas and due to the travel problems caused by the well publicized Volcanic Ash, he may not be able to make the show either. Williams is scheduled to defend his X Division Title against Shannon Moore and Kazarian at tonight's show."

-Source: www.pwrshow.com

Bad news about Doug Williams, but if Waltman will indeed NOT be wrestling at Lockdown, that will only be a good thing. Hopefully, this will lead to TNA scrapping the Band vs. Team 3D match altogether, because that match was one of the major boat anchors dragging this PPV down.

As for what TNA could put on as a replacement, that's tricky. I think it would be a mistake to not have one, seeing as how they did in fact advertise 9 matches for Lockdown. Granted, a lot of those matches were announced at the last minute, but still...

My first instinct is to scream at them to give us our damn X-division Xcape match like we should've had in the first place instead of this crap with the Band. But it remains to be seen if they have enough X-division guys on hand to pull that off. I know from their twitter account that Generation Me were not flown in for the show. Amazing Red et al. are a question mark, but with TNA's recent cost-cutting measures, we should assume they aren't there either. TNA will most likely have to make do with who they already have booked.

The simplest explanation, IMO, is to add a stipulation to the bonus match. Book it so that whoever gets the pin in the MCMG vs. Kendrick/Homicide match gets Doug Williams' spot in the X-division triple threat, which will now be for the #1 contendership or the interim championship, with the rightful champion being determined on iMPACT when Williams is able to get there.

Without Williams, either Kazarian or Shannon Moore will surely be winning said triple threat unless the writers want to throw in a swerve. Whoever gets the spot will just be in there to help make the match better, so it should go to the best worker. I say they should have Chris Sabin do it. The Guns need to win the bonus match anyway, so it all works out perfectly.

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Anonymous said...

Team Hogan was going to go over. You would have to be blind not to see it. Even a team named Hogan has to go over because Hulk's ego brother.