January 17, 2010

Fire Bubba!

I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to all the victims of the horrific earthquake that befell Haiti on January 12th.

The following is a blog written by Killa_Kev, one of the founders of the Angry Marks podcast network, which QCWradio calls home. In light of Bubba the LoveSponge's recent shameful, classless comments regarding the victims of this disaster, the TNAthreshold blog fully endorses and supports Killa_Kev's "Fire Bubba" Campaign.

"Normally I save my classic "AngryMarks Rant" for Tuesday night's Ring the Bell show, but I'm getting this one out early. I'm not going to take long in issuing it, either. Rather, I'm going to use my voice and my influence to do what is right. Tonight's rant is aimed squarely at one of the most annoying personalities in radio and, sadly, professional wrestling today -- Bubba the Love Sponge (yes, that is actually his legal name).

IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE, then just point people to this URL: http://tinyurl.com/firebubba - send tweets to @TNADixie and let her know you want Bubba the Love Sponge off the TNA airwaves!

Before I go any further, I will make this plain: the following statement is not necessiarly endorsed or supported by AngryMarks.com or any member of our staff or the owner of AngryMarks.com. These statements are mine, however you may feel free to agree with them.

That said, it's time to get down to business. In the early hours of Friday, January 14th one Mr. Sponge made the following statement via his Twitter account: "I say fuck hati. Why do we have to take care of everybody our country is in shambles. Bubba"

As a patriotic American who supports the First Amendment and freedom of the press as well as the common man, I support Mr. Sponge's right to make such statements. However, I do not have to support them, nor will I. Not only are Mr. Sponge's statements completely insensitive towards the people of Haiti in light of the natural disaster that has struck their country, they are completely false.

Mr. Sponge states that our country "is in shambles". I'm pretty certain that when Mr. sponge woke up on Friday morning, he woke up inside a nice, cozy home, in his nice, cozy bed. It isn't unreasonable to assume that his wake up call came from an alarm clock that was plugged into an electrical outlet, powered by a steady stream of safe and reliable electricity from his local utility company. One would hope that he made an effort to take a shower in his private bathroom, with all the clean, hot water and soap that is necessary to scrub the stench of arrogance from his body each morning. After drying off with a clean, dry towel (or, maybe he chose to "air dry" in the buff), I'm sure he enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of whatever food and beverage he chose to enjoy, and I'm sure he had a wide selection of foodstuffs to chose from. At some point during his morning, Mr. Sponge powered on his computer, connected to the Internet, and had time to post his offensive statements to his Twitter account. He then swaggered off to the studio in his home to start another day of broadcasting his unenlightened, unentertaining diatrab via the Sirius network and associated terrestrial stations.

I don't think I need to go any further in giving you a description of the "shambles" that Bubba the Love Sponge lives in as a citizen of this great country. I'm quite certain, though, that the "shambles" that Mr. Sponge claims to live in is quite a step up from the grand splendors that the overwhelming majority of people in Haiti live in every day. And for a man who has such a command of the radio and satellite airwaves, and who at one point was receiving a college education, I am astounded at the constant stream of stupidity that comes out of his mouth and flies from his fingertips.

Mr. Sponge is a recently-hired employee of TNA Entertainment, LLC, producers of the very popular TNA Wrestling. In light of the earthquakes that have hit the island nation of Haiti, Bubba the Love Sponge has chosen to express scorn and disdain for the idea that the United States of America, both as a government and a society, offer any comfort or aide to our neighboring citizens. This appears to be in direct conflict of many of TNA Wrestling's other employees, including Awesome Kong, and Mr. Sponge's boss Dixie Carter, who have pleged their support for the victims of the Haitian disaster and are asking for their fans to show compassion and support as well.

As a fan of TNA Wrestling, and a person who has financially supported this company through my generous purchases of pay-per-views, DVDs and other merchandise, I am offended by Bubba the Love Sponge's statement, and his reaction to fans who are also upset. Bubba and his staff are using the show's Twitter account to tell fans to "fuck off", and follow up with, "The Bubba Army doesn't give a fuck what you think."

Is this the type of employee that TNA Wrestling wishes to have on their roster and their payroll? Is this the face and the personality that the company wants to represent them every Thursday, Sunday, or possibly Monday night? Does TNA Wrestling want to put Bubba the Love Sponge head-to-head against World Wrestling Entertainment and Mr. Vincent McMahon, both a company and a personality who has publicly pledged their resources to assisting great causes both in the United States and abroad, and who will, without doubt, also provided financial relief for Haiti as well?

I would hope not.

Based on Mr. Sponge's actions this weekend, I serously doubt that we will be hearing a retraction of these statements and an apology to the fans that he has offended. With those words, I am officially calling for Dixie Carter and TNA Wrestling to PUBLICLY FIRE BUBBA THE LOVE SPONGE.

Bubba the Love Spong may not want to hear my opinion, but I am just as entitled to speak my mind as he is. Mr. Sponge, I seriously doubt you have any clue just what the people of Haiti are going through right now. You say that you've visited parts of New Orleans and have seen that we are far from restoring it to its former glory. For that, you may be right, but even the residents of New Orleans know that we live in a blessed country that is rich in financial resources and creature comforts, and is full of compassion, that that our lot in life as citizens of the United States of America even at its lowest will far exceed the quality of life that most people in Haiti must endure.


Does Bubba the Love Sponge lack for food, clean water, or shelter? I don't think so. What selfish, insufferable prick makes such statements that America is "in shambles" when our neighbors - and for some of us, our mothers, children and family - in Haiti are suffering, and wishes to deny them the aide and comfort that he, himself, takes for granted?

On last week's TNA Impact, Hulk Hogan made a statement to the fans, the TNA locker room, and the wrestling world in general. To paraphrase, Mr. Hogan said that it was now time for us all to start doing what is right for the business. Sometimes the right thing for the business is to give of itself, even when it doesn't have to. TNA Wrestling doesn't have to provide any aide or comfort to the nation of Haiti and its citizens, but the company has recognized that it is the right thing to do. Rather than be a mark who is in business for himself, Bubba the Love Sponge, you should get in line and learn how to follow when the leaders in your business speak."

Source: www.tinyurl.com/firebubba

Many TNA representatives, including Awesome Kong, Mick Foley & TNA president, Dixie Carter herself have been raising money to help the victims of the Haitian disaster. Apparently, TNA's newest backstage interviewer, Bubba the LoveSponge, feels that they shouldn't bother. This classless jackass has no place representing TNA Wrestling or professional wrestling in general.

I urge all my readers to tweet Ms. Carter at www.twitter.com/TNADixie and call for the immediate release of Mr. Sponge from his TNA contract. This is not a person TNA should be associating themselves with. Not ALL publicity is good publicity and this is publicity that TNA Wrestling does not want or need.

For information on how you can donate money to the victims of the Haitian disaster, please visit http://www.sos-usa.org.

Also, TNA Knockout, Awesome Kong & Diva-dirt.com have partnered in the Wrestlers Tweet 4 Haiti competition. They are asking all professional wrestlers to tweet to their followers to send a donation via PayPal to Wrestlers4Haiti@gmail.com.

For more information on Wrestlers Tweet 4 Haiti, please visit www.diva-dirt.com.

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